Crumbs is Open! Cupcake Giveaway Saturday

BHB photo by C. Scales

Your correspondent hurried from his dwelling a block away to be there at 109 Montague (between Henry and Hicks) for the announced 8:00 a.m. opening, and found the store already in business at 7:55, with one customer on her way out. According to the friendly staff, 1,000 cupcakes will be given away there this Saturday, August 14. Also, for the next two weeks, you get a free medium coffee–hot or iced–with every purchase.

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  • 109 Montague

    I walked out of my apartment today and right into CRUMBS to get a little snack. Im definitely NOT anticipating 1000+ people there on Saturday, but all in all I am happy to have this addition in our nabe!

  • EHinBH

    Is it true that all the Crumbs stores get their cupcakes from a main bakery in Queens? Meaning, they dont make anything fresh in-house?

  • The Where

    EH – You’re kidding right? Crumbs bakes fresh every day. Lassen and Hennigs? I’ ve lost count of how many times their cupcakes taste stale with that old refrigerator aftertaste.

    Never had that issue at Crumbs. I would guess you haven’t tried Crumbs. I’d guess your next argument is that mom and pops are better than chains. Yawn.


  • 109 Montague

    Actually “The Where” – EHinBH is correct.

    Crumbs cupcakes are delivered everyday from a bakery in Queens (Long Island City, actually). They are not baked on the premises. This was the FIRST question I asked the agent before I moved in to this building. There is NO baking done on premises here.

  • The Where

    So? Lassen bakes on premises and they stink! And there stale!
    Bottom line your argument is a red herring much like L&H cupcakes taste.

  • 109 Montague

    Im not quite sure if this is an “argument”…just because they don’t bake in-house doesn’t mean they are bad cupcakes. I love CRUMBS frosting! their cake is ok – Magnolia’s and Sprinkles (on the west coast) are better cake batter but the FROSTING at CRUMBS is to be beat!

  • grrlgeniusbk

    I just went over there and the samples are aweeesome. Looking forward to a full one on Saturday. We do get a lot of tourists on summer weekends… remember the Hagen Daaz giveaways? The line was down the street. It’s amazing what free + anything will draw.

    Either way I’m so delighted to marvel at CRUMBS opening up and so happy about the beverage w/purchase. Two weeks of that…I felt quit smug with my goodies walking past Starbucks.

  • heightsss

    just got the free coffee with my cupcake, it’s really gooooood

  • Obama?

    Okay, but how many coffee/muffin/cake/bagel-type places do we really need on Montague? I guess the market will eventually make that decision.

  • JoeJoralemon

    CRUMBS cupcakes are the best I’ve ever had. I am ecstatic they finally opened one in Brooklyn Heights. Now I won’t have to schlep to the one on Wall Street anymore.

  • michael

    As BK’s own Sean Carter might say: Grand Opening, Grand Closing.

  • Obama?

    I’d like to have another organic/health-food store to shop in addition to Perelandra on Remsen Street. Enough of the cakes & coffees already!

  • bhmom3

    We all thought the cupcakes were generally good but the cake part was not so good. That won’t stop us from going back though! My only complaint about their free mini-cupcake samples (I couldn’t hack a giant one like the ones we bought for the kids) is that they place them right where people pay and breathe/cough all over them. It was very nice of them to give free coffee or iced coffee though,

  • lcd

    How long are they giving out freebies? Will there be any left when I get out of work early this evening??

  • nystrele

    WOW! $3.75 for a cupcake? that marks my first — and last — stop by crumbs. should be called NUGGETS… as in gold. no thanks.

  • EHinBH

    It’s good that they are here — I guess. It’s better than a vacant store (and they do taste good — just not fresh). What is the average rent on the block? Just dont understand why there are so few interesting places. Is it more expensive than the Village, Tribeca or UWS?

  • F

    Ahh, another delivery truck making noise. I am so sick and tired, especially of these Fresh Direct trucks ideling in the quiet streets of Brooklyn Heights.

  • heightsss

    it ain’t mayberry – it’s new york!

  • x

    I’m just glad they are done with their construction for the past month or so.

  • George Earl

    I sure hope those cupcakes are cleaner than the aprons that the help has on! Jee-whiz!

  • Andrew Porter

    Don’t forget, everyone, that after you get your free cupcakes on Saturday, you can walk right over to the Housing Works Thrift Store diagonally across the street and get your free NYC Condoms, to be used (consumed?) whenever you see fit.

    Cupcakes & Condoms: now *there’s* a retail idea…

  • edith greenberg

    I had a sample yesterday at CRUMBS and my opinion is it is overpriced and too sweet. Did you see the price on the cakes, also?

    I remember the Yankee Doodles of my childhood very fondly.

  • The Where

    This is why we can’t have nice things. Did all the old fogeys here complain about everything when they were young? Oh right they’re the generation who have memorialized bad touch and sexual harassment with this:

    So sure, complain about a wonderful 3 dollar cupcake.

  • edith greenberg

    We can have nice things, but that is only okay. I was hoping for a good French bakery with delicious breads and croissants. This is only the latest fad, thanks to “sex and the city”.

    By the way, I’m from the generation where mothers did the own baking, so there!

  • getouttahere

    ROFL …i lived in and around this nabe & watched with a mix glee & dismay at some of the changes….Peter Reeves Supermarkets now another “korean” supermarket, Entermann’s Bake Shop (yup there was one)now cheechy’ pricey foo foo cupcakes shops..ha ha ha…hey look im all for progress just have to laugh when some of us don’t realize things can and have been better….ahh relive the days when a pizza was owned operated by an americanItalian..not an israeli entreprenuer and a staff of mexican gotta love those tamali pizzas at G****di’s oven brick ha ha ha ha…Look its NY and thing will always change…enjoy the ride..patience things have a way of coming round again…blame on the sunshine, boogie…smile