BHA Pub Crawl Tonight

Runs With Scissors via Flickr

The first BHA Pub Crawl kicks off at the Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar tonight at 7:30. The boozy neighborhood cruise will then make its way to Armando’s and Pete’s Waterfront Ale House before finally passing out at the Roebling Inn. Guests must pre-register by emailing and space is limited to 25. Potent potables to include: “Heights Hundredth Hellenic Punch”; “Promenade Prosecco Punch”; “Atlantic Antic Maker’s Mark Mojito”; and “Brooklyn Bridge Buzz.” Hiccup!

Update: The pub crawl is now sold out, but you can still cheer the gang on.

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  • Ben

    Now Heather, I want you to be careful tonight on this Pub Crawl, remember what a high class woman you are and do NOT become so sloppy drunk that you forget this.

  • Heather Quinlan

    Don’t worry about me, it’s Claude who’s the animal in this group.

  • nabeguy

    Heather Quinlan…with a name like that, I have no doubt as to your ability to hold your liquor. Given the marathon-like-nature of this crawl, are we allowed to stand on the sidelines and urge you on while offering aspirin’s and Pepto-Bismol? Have a great time HQ, but don;t forget…we expect you down at the 84th bright and early tomorrow morning.

  • weegee

    Looking forward to the perp walks. See you on the other side of the lens.