Pundit Discovers Beauty in the Heights

Law professor/blogger/nabe resident Ann Althouse took a walk down Pierrepont Street this week and took some lovely photos and comments:

Althouse: That there are always details that you've never noticed, even on your most familiar walk. Here I was, walking down Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights, and I'd never really seen that before. So I pushed myself to do that thing I do sometimes — I need a word for it — requiring myself to find one thing after another that I've never noticed before…To prove to myself that it is always possible to see something new, something beautiful.

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  • Andrew Porter

    I have lived in the neighborhood for 39 years, and every time I go for a walk I also try to see something new, or try to see something that I looked at a thousand times in a new light. The minute slices of backyards and gardens are among my favorites, because you can see the natural environment trying to push through the concrete, reaching for the sunlight. And I remind myself that because I live in Brooklyn Heights, I will never go out and see a sign over a lovely bunch of houses that they are to be torn down and replaced by a sky high condo tower.

  • Lis Gruschy Willumsen

    Some 48 years ago i lived in 56 Pierrepont Street. Came from Denmark and worked and lived in New York for almost 2 years.
    Happy days. Dreaming about coming back. Often wonder how much it may have changed.
    Good memories