Drats! Rats!

Sure it may be the holiday season and time for cheer, but this week’s Heights Lowdown in the Brooklyn Paper takes a stab at our neighborhood’s rats:

Brooklyn Paper: Brooklyn’s Rat…: “The rats are getting more brave every year,” said Javier Quintana, a nine-year resident. “I’ve seen some the size of small dogs cruising down the Promenade. But now they’re emerging before dusk. When they’re hungry, they’re hungry.”

The Brooklyn Heights rats are currently living large. While the city should install bigger, more enclosed trash cans, residents and visitors alike need to do all they can to deny these midnight marauders of a food source.

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  • GHB

    Not only do we need good enclosed trash cans, but how about any trash cans outside of the Promenade? There should be at least 2 at every intersection, but there’s almost none. I’m sick of walking blocks just to toss out my dog’s crap!

  • JL

    Kudos to the Rat Killer. If you read this, keep up the good work!

    I hate rats; nasty, vile creatures of the night. Yuck.

  • anti-dog

    here’s a suggestion: don’t have a dog.