BBPDC Foes Accused of Skullduggery : A lawyer for the state-run Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation openly mocked a community lawsuit against the proposed waterfront development as “skullduggery” at a pre-trial hearing on Wednesday. “This is a strange case from any vantage point,” said the BBDC lawyer, David Paget, at a hearing in state Supreme Court to determine if the Brooklyn Bridge Defense Park Fund lawsuit against the development agency can move forward… “They have finally come and said that the neighborhood planning process has nothing to do with what’s really going on,” said Heloise Gruneberg. “The bottom line is that they don’t listen to the community and now they can [make that a legal argument] in court.”

What has us scratching our heads about the whole controversy surrounding 1 BBP is that we have yet to hear a coherent alternative plan.   Aside from being against using public funds for private housing arguments from the opposition, we're uncertain that filling up a building that's been off the taxrolls since before we were born with taxpaying, high income residents is such a bad idea. Maybe we'll be able to get decent takeout in the nabe once it's all said and done.

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