New Neighbor: Artesana


Apartment Therapy: There's a new shop on Montague Street in Brooklyn. And it's not a cell phone or eyeglasses shop (the typical for the street). This time, it's a home shop, Artesana. This is Artesana's second location in Brooklyn, following the one in Park Slope…

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  • CJP

    Will they be there year-round? I got the impression it was just a seasonal thing. I’m hoping they stay; if they are welcome to the neighborhood.

  • Chris

    Yawn…..a bar and grill would be nice

  • Chris

    Oh yeah almost forgot – I hope it closes…. quickly.

  • JL

    Chris, why so negative? Do you really want another crummy bar, grill, or chain store/bank. I haven’t been there yet, but I can’t imagine it is as cookie-cutter and boring as most of the other places on Montague?

  • Chris

    JL: “another bar, grill”??

    Huh? What do you mean “another”? We don’t have any!

    Funny thing is when this place closed down, there was a Bar – Grill sign on the facade. I got a little excited. Shoulda known better. Guess it was really old and was there before it was the liberty travel place.

  • bornhere

    Chris — It was from the old Foffe’s. Like from the last several decades. After Foffe closed, nothing seemed to survive in that space. Rugantino made a valiant try, but it was no Foffe.