Eagle: Standish Deal Closed

The Watchtower's sale of the Standish Arms Hotel closed on November 15, according to the Brooklyn Eagle:

Brooklyn Eagle: Hotel Sold by Watchtower: David Semonian in the Watchtower’s Office of Public Information, told the Eagle yesterday that the closing took place on Nov. 15.

Asked for information about the buyer, Semonian would only say, “The buyer has not authorized us to release that information.”

Local Heights’ denizens, however, say that a company in Boston has acquired the building. They also report that workmen have been seen hauling stuff (furnishings) out of the building and hauling building materials in.

The Watchtower has 5 other buildings on the sales block, the Eagle reports.

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  • allieGee

    I\’ve seen 10Clark, and it is gorgeous, and now there are ads appearing on Craigslist about a building on Columbia Heights… advertised by Awaye Realty as the Standish Arms, so i\’m assuming that its the same building the Eagle wrote about. The pictures look nice… is $1975 a decent studio price for Brooklyn Heights?