Scaffolding Down on Montague


The scaffolding that has been up at the corner of Montague and Court Street came down yesterday.

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  • fishermb

    When I walked to the subway this morning (I enter the 2/3 at Court + Montague), something just didnt seem right, and it took me a minute to realize that the scaffolding was gone! Of course this comes right as the scaffolding goes up 100 feet from my apt building at Court + Livingston.

  • me!

    Does anyone really know why they decide to install or remove scaffolding at certain locations? It all seems very random to me.

  • epc

    Scaffolding is required for any work on the façade, typically required for roof work or work on windows.

  • Chris

    …..and goes up on Clinton and Pierrepont the same day. You can not destroy the scaffolding. You can only anger it. It grows and grows. Look for the Eli Roth movie “Scaffolding” Fall of ’08.

  • lakisha

    what about the scaffolding at the post office on Tillary – it has been there for about 7 years!!!

  • me!

    Yeah, why is it there for so long? And why don’t I ever see anyone actually working on the buildings? It just seems to spread from one corner to the next.

  • Billy

    I think it is tied in to solar flare activity, the more gamma rays hit the earth the more scaffolding seems to pop up in random locations. We are in a solar flare lull right now. Enjoy!

  • anon

    Nice. After approximatly 100 hours, the scaffolding at Montague and Court is back.

  • nabeguy

    The scaffolding issue is tied to an incident that occured about 25 years ago, when a women was killed by falling debris from a Coulmbia U-owned building. After that, the DOB implemented new policies and violations concerning facade and parapet maintenance for which the fines were very heavy. Plus, there was the side issue of liability insurance, which also played a role. At the end of the day, it’s actually cheaper for the landlord to lease the scaffolding then pay for the refurbishing and increased premiums. You’ll notice that the older the building, the longer the scaffolding stays up.

  • me!

    thanks nadeguy!

  • Billy

    nabeguy, you are soooo boring, that incident at Columbia, known only to archaeologists studying old papyrus, is now believed to have been a myth associated with the Godess
    Balconette. The real skinny is the solar flare angle, I’m telling you.

  • CJP

    Not sure if they never took it down all the way. But I kid you not… I walked by there this evening at about 8:30, scaffolding was going up. Either it was never taken down down all the way or it’s going up again!

  • No One of Consequence

    Could be that the rental/lease period was up and it is just being replaced.

  • Vinny From Brooklyn

    Does anyone have pictures from when the scaffolding was actually down. I wopuld bet that it was like they said above about the lease being up.

    I think as long as they have a permit to fix whatever was wrong with the facade they can keep it up. I am sure it helps with insurance cost also