BBP Gets New Head

Governor Spitzer has named Brooklyn City Planning Manager Regina Myer as the new President of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Project:

New York Daily News: State Stalled on Bridge Park: The Brooklyn Heights Association, a longtime park ally, recently sent a stinging letter to state and city officials demanding a new president and swift action at the park. Meanwhile, several key Brooklyn politicians who have backed the project were set to send their own letter today urging park planners to break ground by the first of the year.

"Since Governor Spitzer took office at the beginning of this year, there has been no real progress," wrote City Councilman David Yassky (D-Brooklyn Heights), Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and others.

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  • Anon

    Did anyone attend last night’s pathetic meeting sponsored by the BBP Conservancy? The vast majority of community members in attendance were clear in their desire to see a real park along the shore and not the luxury condo development it has become. It is apparent to all that the recreation and cultural venues originally planned for the park are gone because the people who will live inside the park do not want the intending noise and activity a real park generates. Elected officials who spoke, David Yasky and Bill DeBlasio, were hissed at, as was the evening’s hostess, Marianna Koval. Why? For their support of condos inside this public park. Yasky still believes that the height of the condo buildings (it looks like we are up to 7 new buildings folks) is the problem. Can’t he figure out that it is the mere presence of condos inside of parks is the problem? And this is a guy who wants to be comptroller? Let him ferret out what city deals are legit or not? Yikes. Get rid of the condos, restore the recreation long needed, and get back to seeing this as an asset for all Brooklynites and not just an asset for real estate moguls (and the politicians that do their bidding). Shame on anyone, including this new park president, Regina Myer, who believe that we must sell our public park lands to the highest real estate bidder. The deal was NOT to make BBPark a totally self-sustaining park. That is a fiction made dangerous by the Brooklyn Heights Association that promulgated it. Call Yasky, DeBlasio, Joan Milman and Regina Myer. Tell them you want a real park not landscaping and highrises for the wealthy.

  • max

    Your arguement is false. The waterfront is not a private park. it is a stretch of piers owned and operated by the Port Authority.
    The plan, or proposal, is to turn this manufacturing area mostly into a new park. In other words rather than turn the whole thing over to a developer to build on, the state will retain most of it and turn it into something it never was: a park! No one is selling park land. I don’t know what kind of mind-altering drugs people are taking that makes them think that somehow the government is selling parkland. The state is hoping to create a park, and frankly some of us fear that they may change their minds. That would be a bad thing.
    In my opinion, most of the opposition to the park comes from folks that live nearby and who do not want to see people from other neighborhoods (ie minorities) walking through their lilly-white streets. The detractors of this park, who are spreading ridiculous lies about the selling of public parklands, should do some real soul searching. Is it really the new condos they are afraid of?