Global Arts Festival This Sunday at First Church

This just in from First Presbyterian Church on Henry Street – this Sunday (6/13) they will be presenting the Global Arts Festival:

First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn continues our tradition of presenting great performances and wonderful handcrafts in our beautiful garden, this time in collaboration with NYCreates! NYCreates has assembled a superb collection of craft and folk artists and artisans from the five boroughs of NYC. And we are delighted to present these outstanding performers:

12:00 PM: Haitian Singer, Michele Sorel Ivey
12:45 PM: FPC Gospel Choir
1:30 PM: Samba! with Leticia Taylor and Carlos de Oliviera
2:15 PM: Ancestral Horizons Society (African Dance & Music)
3:00 PM: 350 Duo (Contemporary guitar duo)

First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn
124 Henry Street (Henry & Clark)

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  • Glenna

    The music itself is lovely– good artists, etc. It’s pouring into my window right now, loudly, since the music extremely amplified– and I am half a block away. Problem is, like a lot of people on this block have said before, during other Presbyterian Church music fests, I don’t wanna hear music right now, thank you. Thoughts? Should I just give up my expectation of peace and quiet– and if so, why? Should I make an exception for the church, its congregation, of this kind of music– and if so, why?

  • the Where

    Try becoming part of the community instead of someone against the community. WWJD? He would be down there buying a cupcake and enjoying the music. Give it a try!

  • Presbycard

    I understand and appreciate your complaint. And thank you for your compliment about the music. I will have conversations with involved members of our congregation as to how we can continue to provide high quality musical events free of charge to the extraordinarily appreciative passersby and not upset those who want to live their lives in the immediate vicinity of the church.

    Our public outdoor concerts go back only a few years. And, true, we’ve had a tradition of detractors; one neighbor actually tossed eggs at us during one of our summer events on an early Thursday evening a few years ago. Thanks to our community, for this afternoon’s event we were able to gather a fine collection of beautiful handcrafts for sale and a diverse and talented group of musicians and dancers to entertain. Together with happy attendees (and deeelicious food and red velvet cupcakes) we were able to create a 4-hour yard-wide “global village.”

    Please forgive what might appear to be boasting; it’s only post-event happiness. Our goal is to bring people together in peace, not to ostracize. My hope is that we can find a place where we can all be happy.

  • Glenna

    “WWJD?” That’s sorta funny– but the whole point. Lots of people on Henry Street and in the rest of New York want to live perfectly peaceable and community-minded lives that aren’t punctuated by unwelcome incursions of loud music that keeps them from, oh, talking on the phone and watching TV and writing letters on a quiet Sunday afternoon. To them (especially if they’re non-Christian or non-worshipping), such incursions might feel a little self-righteous or even bullying– though since the incursions are well-meant, those people will turn the other cheek, for the moment. WWJD? I can’t help thinking he’d be compassionate toward the folks whose Sunday afternoons were kinda stolen from them.

    (I’ve lived in the Heights since 1975, by the way, and my best memory of the Presbyterian Church– which used to be such a good neighbor, for such a long time– was when the Dalai Lama visited there. Can we get that act back?