Instaputz, Family Win Fists

Ninety five American dollars may not be a lot of money to Giselle Bundchen, but to nabe blogger Instaputz and his newly found rag tag family "Rosen Rosen" it's the price of victory in Homer Fink's Family Fists of Fury at Magnetic Field. The EJCJ family finished second.

BHB contributor Claude Scales and his "family" from Grace Church fought their round with great tenacity but came up short in the first round. They did earn an honorable mention for understanding the whimsy of Fink's "questions from the 70s". 

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  • Claude Scales

    To paraphrase “Bear” Bryant: Honorable mention is like kissing your sister.

  • ts

    Which is certainly better than Tony Curtis’s description of embracing Marilyn Monroe: “Like kissing Hitler.”

  • Claude Scales

    Coming from Bernie Schwartz, that’s quite an indictment. Was she an anti-Semite? She did marry Arthur Miller, and converted to Judaism before the nuptials.