From Law to Lighting


The New York Times features the work of Brooklyn Heights resident/lighting designer Michael McHale on its website today:

A former entertainment lawyer who grew up in Detroit and got his graduate degree at Oxford, Mr. McHale, 41, got into design by happenstance: shopping for a chandelier for his Brooklyn Heights apartment, he could find nothing he liked. “The materials just sort of struck me as, you’re not getting very much,” he said. “Molded plastic and Mylar in kind of an interesting shape, a light bulb and a bit of electrical cord for $900. I remember being disgusted and thinking I could make it more interesting and it would be cheaper.” (It is necessary here to make an editorial clarification: Cheaper for Mr. McHale.)

Design blog Life in a Venti Cup will run an interview with McHale soon and writes:

McHale somehow marries such materials as pipe fittings and Swarovski crystals into playful, glamorous works of art. Once exposed to his original pieces, I assure you you'll never look at chandeliers in the same way again.

Photo: NY Times

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  • franki durbin

    Thanks for the link! The interview is coming up Monday. Stay tuned!