Should Jessica Move into Hotel St. George?

We found this blog post from "jessica jill" on Live Journal today.  She's wondering if the Hotel St. George will work for her as housing next year when she starts at Hunter College:

Live Journal: Are they really as nice as they seem, most importantly, the St George location in Brooklyn Heights? I can't exactly check it out before I book the room because of being so far away, so I need feedback. I realize all places have their pros and cons, but I guess I just need to be assured I am not going to despise it. Thank you.

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  • Cranky

    She’ll love it. Lots of young people around. Safe area, easy commute to everywhere. I vote yes.

  • Poster

    Never been inside, but couldn’t be on a safer block or more convenient to the subways.

    Always lots of surly-looking college girls hanging out outside.

  • Micky

    Jessica – if you move to the St. George, please try to be a decent citizen. There are a handful of jerks who live there, who give the place a bad name. I have personally witnessed neighborhood property destruction by residents as well as loud drunken fights on the streets at 4:00 in the morning. Thanks.

  • Kris

    Haha – nice, Micky. Seems pretty normal for a bunch of college kids. :)
    Jessica, the area is amazing. Beautiful, quiet neighborhood, subway access, restaurants, next to Brooklyn Bridge, etc. But I haven’t been inside – so maybe you can reference that with another resource for that.

  • Teddy

    I spoke with a student last year and asked him how he liked it at the St. George. He told me that he wanted to move to Manhattan. He said the hotel sucked (his words). He also said the Heights was nice, but too quiet for him. I asked what about Atlantic Ave or Smith St. and he said he didn’t want to walk that far, especially in the cold. I know that a lot of college students who grew up in sheltered suburbs have trouble coping with the stress of city life combined with their studies, so maybe his words just reflected his frustration. However, I have to agree that the Heights might be too quiet for some young people.

  • Rascal

    I dated a guy who went to Marymount and was in that college’s housing at the St. George, but that was 10 years ago. It was basic dorm suite stuff, no better, no worse. College students certainly shouldn’t be worried about safety in that neighborhood, at least not any more than any other top NYC neighborhood. I agree that the only downside may be for those who are anticipating a clubbing / bar-hopping / all-night-cafe kind of city experience, that you WON’T find around the St. George. One asterisk on that point: If Galapagos re-launches in Dumbo, that will broaden local options considerably.

  • Anthony Vincent Nuccio

    Hi. You will really like the residence. I have lived here for 2 years now and will be sad when I have to leave. The rooms are great size and you get your own bathroom in the room. Not to mention they are working this summer to renovate the entire building. Brand new bathrooms and fixtures. The guy that commented saying “it sucks” was probrlaly a trouble maker and had problems following residence hall rules, which are just like any other college rules, but probally a lot more relaxed since there are over 150 different schools and universities that reside in the St. George. Jessica take it from me. You will love the pla. If you make it to the bulidng good luck with school Brooklyn Heights is the place to be.