Open Thread 11/8/07


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  • yo

    Is there a dry cleaner in the heights (preferably closer to Atlantic Ave) that can launder shirts in under 3 days?!?!?!? It’s ridiculous how long it takes these guys. I’ve tried 3 different places with the same results.

    Optimally, they would also launder the shirts without shrinking them or damaging them in some other way (as is often the case)

  • Vishnu Jones

    Parking, laundromats, crime… is that all Heights folks talk about? Does anyone remember laughter?

  • fishermb

    yo – I go to ‘Best Cleaners’ at Montague & Henry. I live closer to Atlantic too, but these guys use non-toxic cleaners and any time I’ve asked for my shirts/pants in 2 days, they’ve always been ready.

  • Dan

    I drop my shirts at Plaza Cleaners on Henry and the fruit streets and they’re ready end of day the next day. No problems so far.