Farewell Danny’s, We (Really) Hardly Knew Ye

Photo by EJ Cory

Photo by EJ Cory

CHB’s @ejcory sends in the photo of the now defunct Danny’s on Court and State Streets.  Danny’s continued the “magic” of F. Martinella, which lasted a mighty 10 months – a huge accomplishment compared to Danny’s land speed record of less than 45 days.

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  • Sam Shyne

    Less than 45 days? Try less than 10!! It opened on May 19th, IIRC, and has been closed since Friday. It just doesn’t make sense – how could a restaurant owner not have enough funds to survive slow sales for less than 2 weeks? I didn’t even get a chance to stop in, but from what I’ve read elsewhere, I wasn’t missing much. Maybe we can get something decent to replace it, although that space is starting to feel haunted.

  • Teddy

    I told someone just a couple of days ago that I didn’t think they would be around by end of the summer. They didn’t even make it to the summer!

  • nabeguy

    If it had been a reincarnation of Danny’s Hideaway, it probably would have lasted a lot longer. Not for nothing, but BH needs a quality gay bar. For variety, if no other reason.

  • Adam G

    I didn’t even know it had opened.

  • Clintonious Wow

    Before it opens, signs said it was going to be a diner. But when I went in last week, it was just a deli, like before, with lots of people standing around. They all worked there.

    Team La Bagel Delight!

  • AEB

    Ditto River Cafe, which I passed on Monday and appears to be defunct–true?

    Def a gay bar, nabe, for all 3 1/2 gay people in BH!

  • PB

    Does anyone know if this was the same “Danny” that owned the Chinese restaurant that stood on that corner before the new building was put in? I always enjoyed that place and Danny was a great guy as were his employees.

  • kBH

    Rumor has it that he didn’t have insurance on the place and was just trying to make a few extra bucks– sounds strange, but he certainly didn’t try to make money. I don’t think the spot is cursed, I think Danny doesn’t want to pay what he needs to.

  • Remsen

    With a mere change of a letter, it may have succeeded…Denny’s would have worked in this location. Both Danny’s and Martinella seem to be a bit too upscale.

  • since47

    AEB: The River Cafe isn’t closed – why would you think that? Also, I believe there are more than ‘3 1/2′ Gay people in the Heights…

  • Jas

    Hope AEB wasn’t thinking of River Deli? It’s been closed the past two times I’ve gone by, on a monday night and this last weekend, looked pretty grim… Hopefully that was a normal day to be closed + the memorial day weekend…

  • since47

    I know it’s early yet, but I just called River Deli and there was no answer. Hmm…

  • Clintonious Wow

    There are many many gays in Brooklyn Heights, don’t believe me look on Manhunt!

  • Melissa

    River Deli is open, ate there last weekend and it was very busy (and delicious).

  • HNGG

    I’d be shocked if River Deli closed. We went two weeks ago on a rainy Tuesday at 7 PM and it was packed when we got there and packed when we left. Plus the food was good and the prices were reasonable.