NY Times Shouts Out Mr. Junkersfeld

The NY Times reflects on the beautiful Memorial Day weekend and mentions BHB’s Karl Junkersfeld:

NY Times: It was a sumptuous pseudo-summer day to be under a canopy of trees or on a sandy beach with lawn chairs, blankets and picnic lunches. Temperatures were in the 80s, the air was crystalline, soft breezes caressed the cheek and the sky was an arch of blue, touched here and there with castles of clouds.

If there was a perfect spot to sit back and take it all in, Karl Junkersfeld found it in the new Brooklyn Bridge Park, with a sweeping tableau of the East River, Lower Manhattan and the harbor. From his perch on a grassy knoll, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges soared overhead, historic ships slept at anchor at the South Street Seaport, and ferries and sailboats moved gently over the plate-of-pewter harbor.

“It turns out this is the best spot,” said Mr. Junkersfeld, 57, a retired banker. “I like the open expanse. In the city, you usually feel so cramped. You get a breeze up here too.”

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  • AEB

    Terrific, Karl! Many congrats!

  • anon

    Who knew Karl Junkersfeld was his real name?! All this time I assumed it must be a stage name. With all the fake names used on this blog, some obviously fake but others less so, who’da thunk it? But if it is in the NY Times, it must be true, right?

  • Homer Fink

    @anon – We were convinced it was too until we met him!

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    My stage name is “The Junkman”. lol

    To tell the truth, I’m not smart enough to make up a name like Junkersfeld. Way too creative. I’m no Claude Scales.

  • “David” on “Middagh”

    Congratulations nonetheless!

  • anon

    So the only person in this post using their real name is the most improbable one. Go figure. It makes me think of the famous “Who is John Galt?”

  • BHgirl

    Woot! Woot! Pretty snazzy. Congrats!

  • Andrew Porter

    Some people here use their own names, because they don’t believe in making outrageous anonymous statements. As the former editor/publisher of a small [print] news magazine, I feel that the rise of pseudonyms has been bad for the Internet.

  • http://heatherquinlan.com Heather Quinlan

    I’m taking Karl Junkersfeld as my stage name, too.

  • jorale-man

    Congrats! Good quote too!

  • nabeguy

    Wow, junkman, you’re becoming a media phenom. For a second, I thought those were your toes in the article…until I remembered your BPP vid.

  • Billy Reno

    “You get a breeze up here too.”
    Were you wearing a kilt?!