Nabe Web Geek Finds Love


The New York Post reported this morning about nabe web designer Patrick Moberg and his quest of the girl of his dreams, whom he spotted on the number 5 train Sunday night. He created a website dedicated to finding her.

BHB is happy to report that Moberg has found his princess.  He posted on his site today saying a friend of the lady in question came forward and revealed her identity to him.  In the “interest of both parties” he says there well be no more updates to the site.

(Pehaps Patrick and his galpal would like to join us tonight at Magnetic Field for Dick Swizzle’s Sudden Death Game Show!)

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  • Teddy

    Smells like a marketing pitch to me. The company she works for as an intern ( outed her. She’s Australian and read the following quote from the NY Post article which was posted before she was identified as being from down under:

    “I’ve had so many people wishing me good luck, especially Australians,” he said, after the story was posted on one of the most popular news Web sites Down Under.”

    That’s more than just a coincidence, don’t you think ?

  • BH Resident

    Well, if it is a marketing pitch/stunt, it probably worked…for a second or two.