Willow Place Repair Work to Start Tuesday

This in from the Willowtown Association:

Repair work on the NYC Transit’s cables in ducts running from the substation on Willow Place to Joralemon Street damaged in last January’s explosion will commence on Tuesday, June 1. The repair work, including that to be done on Joralemon, is expected to last three months.

The contractor for the repair is Gazebo Contracting Inc. The contractor needs to take the entire width of Willow Place between the substation and Joralemon and three parking spaces on Joralemon. The work hours will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Work on weekends will be scheduled only if necessary.

All vehicles must be removed from the work site by 7 a.m. This is an imperative. Otherwise the project could [take longer than planned]. Parking will be available during overnight hours and weekends. The street will be plated in order to enable the overnight and weekend parking.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Wow! Just think of traffic going down Joralemon and hitting those steel plates on the notoriously uneven belgian block paving. Forget about getting a decent night’s sleep, everyone.

    I presume the blocks removed for the job will disappear, necessitating the eventual repaving of Joralemon with asphalt? Or am I just being paranoid about the whole thing?

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Andrew: The release says the contractor needs only three parking spaces on Joralemon. My surmise, and I’ll check this out, is that this means the contractor will be parking vehicles or equipment there while the work is in progress, not that any part of Joralemon is to be torn up or plated. This may be the extent of the “repair work” on Joralemon referred to in the first paragraph of the quoted release.

  • bklyn20

    The paving stones will be stored in the MTA facility that I wish everyoine would stop talking about and returned to their rightful place on Joralemon Street when the project is finished.

  • Andrew Porter

    Bklyn20, that is of course the facility that does not exist, does not provide access to the bowels of the Earth and/or the subway. I forgot it isn’t there. Sorry. My bad….

  • http://www.willowtown.org Seth Murphy

    I fear there are no original cobblestones on Joralemon anymore. About 5 years ago, the last of them were stolen early one morning, during work at the lower end of Joralemon Street. This is why from now on they are removed from the premise, not just stacked nearby. What a shame, not a worn cobblestone left on the street, it used to be so beautiful. Now it is just reconstructed nostalgia. I defense of the DOT, they have made a commitment to and do reinstall those new cobblestones well, cement and all . . .