Open Thread Tuesday 11/6/07


Open Threads every day from now on.  Wednesdays will continue as a weekly topic based open thread.

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Photo: David Hardy, Field Display # 2 now showing in Cadman Plaza Park

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  • paul

    what restaurants/stores does everyone make the trek to dumbo for? is almondine worth it?

  • Claude Scales

    Almondine is definitely worth it. We have their croissants for breakfast a couple of times every week ($2 plain or chocolate, $2.50 almond, almond/raspberry or almond/raspberry/chocolate; all delicious), and their baguettes ($2.50) are said by those who should know to be the best you can get outside France.

    Jacques Torres Chocolaterie, across the street from Almondine (J.T. owns Almondine, I’m told) is also wonderful. He sells a hot chocolate mix with spices that is a real eye-opener, and his other chocolate goodies are all great. Not cheap, but well worth it.

  • CF

    anyone know of good (but reasonably priced) jewelers in the area?

  • steve

    I can’t remember the name of the restaurant that used to be in the 100 Clark Street building way back in the 1980s and very early 1990s. I’m thinking of the place that eventually became part of the Gristedes supermarket. Part of the vague recollection I have is red drapes or carpet, and a kind of low-lit feeling. Please, someone help me out, not remembering is driving me crazy!

  • Claude Scales

    The place was called “By George!” There are references to it in the comments on the Best Nightlife Open Thread. I never was in there, and judging by what Nabeguy says in his comment, it’s probably just as well.

  • EJ

    Homer, why are there 100s of screaming girls outside of MTV? The screams are driving me crazy.

  • Pierreponter

    Neighborhood work report: guys were building the worker’s equipment shed on top of the Love Lane garage building yesterday … paper is down in the window of The Greens … paper is up in Cincinnati Photo … work permits renewed & workers going in/out of the Greek Cosmetics place yesterday … new scaffolding on the building across from JTH Tavern …

  • lady montague

    Anyone know the scoop on the building across from Jack the Horse mentioned above? I think this is one of the oldest surviving commercial structures in the heights. Will be interesting to see if they maintain commercial space downstairs. I think it was an architect’s office most recently, and before that, a market of one sort or another going straight back to the 1820s.

  • Cranberry

    the feedback on jth not being child friendly is right on the money. I would never bring my family back again. There are similar comments on citysearch. Its a nice place for adults, but the staff does not seem to like children.

  • Heights97

    Anyone watch Kitchen Nightmares? Wouldn’t it be great if Gordon Ramsay visited one of our many underperforming local restaurants? Too bad he missed “Food Maestro” but there are plenty of other good candidates out there. Maybe the Turkish place on Montague?

  • nabeguy

    I’ve been curious about JTH since it opened, but have never gone because the menu (and apparently the staff) is not very kid-friendly. I couldn’t find one thing, including the hamburger, that would appeal to my six-year-old. A real shame, given that I live around the corner from it and would love the give them my patronage.

  • GHB

    nabeguy…hire a babysitter and go to JTH. It really is quite good.