Nabe Scribe Turns Case

Brooklyn Heights resident/journalist Tom Robbins played a big part in getting murder charges against former FBI agent Roy Lindley Del Vecchio dropped.  Robbins and writing partner Jerry Capeci had taped interviews with the prosecution's star witness, Linda Schiro, 10 years ago that contradicted her testimony in the trial. The NY Times has the full story today and Robbins wrote about the tapes for the Village Voice this week. 

New York Times: Why Writers…: Mr. Robbins went home to his apartment in Brooklyn Heights and found the tapes in an old cardboard box in a hall closet. On them, Ms. Schiro insisted that Mr. DeVecchio had not been involved in the murders…

“I decided I should come forward,” Mr. Robbins said. “One, because I work for a newspaper. Two, because I don’t face the same kind of jeopardy. Jerry spends his life reporting on people who commit murders. The last thing in the world he wants to do is to be brought to the stand and asked about his sources.”

Mr. Robbins said his work was more varied than just mob stories: “I write some stories about that,” he said, “but I’ve got a couple other moves to the basket, as weak as they are.”

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