What Can Brown Do For You? Double Park!

Following in the great tradition of Heights Lowdown columns discussing parking, the Brooklyn Paper's Juliana Bunim tackles the issue of DOUBLE parking in this week's issue:

Brooklyn Paper: Heights Cars…: UPS trucks consistently double-park on residential streets in Brooklyn Heights.

“We need to keep commerce moving,” said Dan McMackin, a UPS spokesman based in Atlanta. “If we are ticketed, then that’s part of the cost of doing business. But we do train drivers not to park in marked lanes.”

But double-parking exists in and out of bike lanes, and so do those big brown trucks.

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  • Mike

    Does no one else take issue with the legions of cars that are illegally parked in the bike lane on Sundays in front of the church? Police are told not to ticket them.

  • nancy

    I do not have problems so much with the UPS trucks as I do with cars that are double parked. How else is UPS and Fedex supposed to do business here? They are part of a fleet parking program, so they take their tickets in stride. It is the cars that bug me. Of course if the traffic agents could go to some other area besides the Heights, but why would they?? We pay our tickets.

  • No One of Consequence

    I agree. UPS/FedEx/USPS/Fresh Direct/etc. not a big deal. Generally they’re in and out in a reasonable amount of time, and there really is no other option for them.

    Let’s waste our time picking on the garbage truck next.

    BHB is quickly turning into Brooklyn Heights Bitching.

  • nazimova

    bklyn hts bithcing is RIGHT get a life people whatta bunch of wussies and crybabys!! You have no idea what it’s like to live in a”hood” with no cops lotsa garbage and abandoned cars (foget double parked)

  • cs

    Nazimova, you’re so right. Would everybody rather be living in San Diego??!!! Or Darfur? We are very lucky to have what we have.

  • Nelson

    Yes CS, we are lucky to have the neighborhood we live in. Let’s try to make it better. Next the trash trucks (which have to pick up on their schedules) but isn’t there quieter technology out there for the trucks?