Open Thread Wednesday 5/12/10

First people on line for BHA House Tour 2010 by Karl Junkersfeld

First people on line for BHA House Tour 2010 by Karl Junkersfeld

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  • George Earl

    I know that many of we Heights residents, especially those of us who live on Henry Street, are aware of the missing tree outside of Clark’s Restaurant. And of the 4-by-4-foot hole of wet, open mud there in its place. Sure, it’s not adding to the aesthetics of the Heights, and it makes for chances of injuring ourselves (whatever our age). The “good thing” about seeing that hole go unattended? Well, it seems to get us together as a good old-fashioned neighborhood. Reminds me of my youth in a suburb of Cleveland. When a lawn would go uncut, or when a “junk barrel” would get a bit too high, or even when the side of a house started to appear needing a painting, by God the neighborhood would come together. Polite suggestions, yes. Not writing on buildings. But maybe a surprise homemade cake for the appropriate neighbor–the one who needed the suggestion. And in those days things always seemed to get rolling again fairly fast. Nowadays? We’ve got our choice of some 500 online TV channels. We order dinners delivered from a variety of restaurants down the block. And few of us can remember how to iron our own shirts. But it is encouraging, in some sense, to see we neighbors-though-strangers all becoming politely concerned about that missing tree on Henry. Right?

  • Fritz

    Ecology being restored. Signs of reconstruction at Heights Wines. Soon, the long march to Clark Street won’t be needed, I hope. Also, we can hope for a reopening sale.

  • Montague resident

    I heard that 62 Montague was having it’s semi-annual sidewalk sale on Saturday. A building occupant told me that it had been postponed from last week due to rain. Anybody know if that is true? I always find interesting things at their sale…especially books.

  • nelson

    Montague Resident
    Yes..the sale is scheduled for this Saturday hopefully with accommodating weather.

  • Homer Fink

    And don’t forget Homer Fink’s Hidden Brooklyn Heights Walking Tour at noon!

    Great day out – walking tour, 62 Montague sale and Willow tour fair!

  • zburch

    I noticed a marked difference in the helicopter traffic in the park last weekend. Not nearly as oppressive as the weeks before the change in flight patterns.

  • Monty

    My gas oven is broke. I think there is an electric filament used to ignite the gas that has conked out. The stove works fine and so does the digital display so I know the gas and electricity are hooked up. Who fixes this kind of thing and can someone recommend a good one of those?

  • km

    We’re moving within BH – has anyone used good movers lately? Any thoughts on low rate movers?

  • Evelyn at WPL

    I want to say thanks to the mysterious unnamed man who on Monday dropped off a much-anticipated letter misdirected by the US Mail to the same house number on montague st instead of columbia heights…my gratitude for the hand delivery…

  • Matt

    On Sunday afternoon The River Deli was open. Not sure if this was a soft opening or not. But every seat was filled.


    @km– movers not shakers

  • Flashlight Worthy

    @km, All-star movers. Have used them 4 times and can’t speak more highly of them.

  • Daddy Dearest

    Any recommendations for an electrician to do a small job (replacing some failing recessed lights)? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    @KM – We had a good experience with redline movers. They were very professional and stuck to the flat rate quoted even though it took a little longer than estimated.

  • nabeguy

    Daddy, use the search engiine on this site and type in electrician. You’ll get the number for John Longheran, who comes highly recommended.

  • km

    @daddy – thank you also.. :)

  • gc

    I second John Lonerghan 212-475-6100.

    Where can I find the search engine for this site?

  • Homer Fink

    May need a painter/wallpapererererer … suggestions?

  • jorale-man

    Do the BH House Tours always attract the hotties like this? (center middle, above) I must get on this!

  • nabeguy

    gc, upper left-hand corner under About. Homer, painter or wallpaper hanger? They’re totally different specialties, with the latter usually having to repair the mistakes of the former.

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s a relevant story from some scandalous rag called “The Cobble Hill Blog”:

  • AL

    Has anyone else noticed a sharp drop in the quality and attitude of sales help and cashiers and the local Barnes & Noble? I’ve had two very unpleasant experiences there in a week’s time after not having shopped there in more than a year.

  • Daddy Dearest

    @ nabeguy and gc – Thanks for the recommendation.

  • bornhere

    I’m pretty sure John Lonerghan’s number is 718-875-6100 (not the 212 number posted above).

  • tb

    jorale-man-that girl is 13.

  • josh

    Thanks NYPD for the helicopter noise and the counter-terrorism show. I feel soooooo safe now.

  • Joe

    anyone know someone who can help select paint colors to go with my furniture and then do the painting.