Mailer’s Wife Profiled

NY Magazine: The Model Wife: Norris Church Mailer, 58, artist, writer, one-time model, strikingly beautiful red-headed wife of the more famous Norman Mailer, is 5ft 10in and an English size 2. It’s not her size of choice – just the consequences of having been diagnosed with cancer eight years ago, and having undergone seven operations.

Despite her illness, Norris has just published her second novel, Cheap Diamonds. Her first, Windchill Summer, received good reviews – the late writer Joseph Heller described it as “endearing, written with charm, candor and authority”. Both novels feature Cherry Marshall, a gawky yet quite lovely girl, making her way in the world. (Full story)

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  • Jon Holt

    My prayers and condolences to Norris. I was a fashion photographer in NYC in the 70’s and was one of the first to photograph her when she was with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency.

    In addition to being a great beauty she was a beautiful person also and I rememeber vividly when she and Norman first started dating.

    Prayers and happiness to you and your family