New Neighbor Open Thread: 4/12/10

Flickr photo by jsg26

Flickr photo by jsg26

New to Brooklyn Heights? New reader of BHB? Have a question? Comment below!

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  • George

    i’m new to brooklyn heights. probly a stupid question but how do you prunounce joralemon. is it…. joor-i’ll-o-men?

  • Lou

    I’ve always pronounced it “Juh -raw -le -mon”

  • fishermb

    Advice for best dry cleaner near Court & Atlantic?

  • John

    Anyone know what will occupy the old Boltons store on Remsen and Clinton Streets ???

  • WGS

    Any recommendations for someone who can install tile in my kitchen?

  • GHB

    Jor- AL-lem-on

  • sue

    Contact Scott Reid for tile installation, he has done mine for ovwr 15 years (through 2 apartments in the Heights) – 1347-277-9637. Tell him Susie recommended you.

  • Drew

    Slightly off topic…but just noticed a suspicious looking man on Joralemon and Hicks. African American, tall, thin, salt and pepper hair, wearing a dark red sweatshirt. He approached a ground level brownstone door on Hicks and appeared to be hiding/waiting. Later saw him standing in shadows on Joralemon and Garden. I called the 84th Precint to report suspicious behavior, but did not get an answer. Would anyone typically call 911 in this situation or am I overreacting given recent armed robbery on Joralemon?

  • Heightsman

    911 would be warrented in my book.

  • Annie ST

    I need someone (REASONABLY PRICED) to replaster the walls at my new apartment on Clark St. The walls are in good condition, they just have that old-school roughed-up plaster look (popular in the 70’s?) and I want smooth walls. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who could do this? Also, it’s a 10’x17′ studio – any idea how much this should cost?

    Thanks so much in advance!

  • Anon

    Personally if I felt pressed to call the police in this type of situation, I would have also called the 84th Precinct. However calling in to report suspicious behavior is a valid reason to call 911. That all said, I doubt what you described would have even registered on my radar.

  • cat

    Drew, could that be the guy (whose name I can’t remember) who does handy work around the neighborhood? He is often around Hicks and Joralemon, and works for several people around there. He also begs money at times, but he’s really harmless.

  • Drew

    cat, I hope you are right and its certainly possible that was him.

    Thanks for your response. You too Heightsman.

  • Billy Reno

    Drew, was he holding a rake or a broom?

  • Drew

    No, he was not. I dont think I would have been suspcious of him if he was. Instead, I would have assumed he was working. What raised my suspicion was his standing in the doorway of the ground level entrance to a brownstone. He definetely saw me watching him (I was in my car) and I circled around the block to see what he was up to and then saw him on Jarolemon and Garden. He again took notice of me watching him and began to walk the opposite direction up Jarolemon towards Henry.

  • WillowtownCop


    the police can’t legally stop someone on an anonymous complaint. They need a complainant who is willing to give their information who can articulate what exactly about his behavior is suspicious- a stop/question/frisk would have to be for a particular crime, i.e. trying to open several car doors = reasonable suspicion of GLA, trying to open windows = reasonable suspicion of burglary/trespass, following someone down the street = reasonable suspicion of stalking/harassment, etc. or he needs to fit the description of someone wanted for a specific crime. This man has salt and pepper hair- the robbers were described as mid 20s, two females and a male working together at night.

  • clark st

    a few weeks ago around 8-9pm i was approached by an older caucasian male. he was asking about an alley and crack. he was in front of the video store next to iron chef. has this happen to anyone else before?

  • Drew

    Thanks WillowtownCop, your thoughts are appreciated. I was not suggesting that I believed this individual to be the robber on Jarolemon from two weeks ago. Rather, after those two incidents and others in the last year I am just more aware and concerned with street crime in our neighborhood. Particularly on that stretch of Jarolemon as there have been multiple incidents and my wife and I, and many other people, walk down Jarolemon at night almost daily on our way home from the subway. Also, when I called the 84th precinct (to no avail, which is puzzling) I had no intention of being anonymous and planned to report exactly what I saw which very well could have been an effort to break into that apt, we will never know as he left as soon as he saw me watching. Thanks again for your thoughts.

  • bornhere

    Willowtown: It’s hard to argue with you, but anonymity is all right; a complainant can “choose to remain anonymous.”

  • Andrew Porter

    Where exactly are there street signs showing the intersection of Hicks and Hicks? I know about the intersection of West 4th and I think West 11th Street in the Village.

  • WillowtownCop

    bornhere: You can remain anonymous; however, no cop is going to actually stop someone and risk getting sued based on an anonymous compliant. The best you’re going to get is a drive by, which might prevent the person from doing something, or might just delay it until the car drives away.

    Drew: the precinct number isn’t really for complaints of that nature. A job from the house is always a low priority, it doesn’t got out over the radio for others to handle if the unit it’s assigned to is busy, and anything that they do have from over the radio has to be handled first. If it’s something where police attention is required now, call 911. Suspicious person calls come through 911 all the time. Just be sure to provide the operator with your cell number and stick around at least nearby as long as you aren’t in danger if you feel like the person needs to be questioned based on your observations.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    My guess about the Hicks And Hicks sign is where Hicks hits the wall after passing Poplar Street. I bet it is that corner at the end of Hicks that goes to Old Fulton after making a right turn. It is the street where people who park their cars take a huge gamble that their windows won’t be broken when they get to it in the morning.. Another words, the street in the back of the corner building on Popular and Hicks where the gardens are. Hopefully after this exhaustive description, I got it right. lol

  • Cranberry Beret

    Karl got it. I’ve always loved the signs on that corner. The corner itself – meh.
    There’s also a Hicks Street sign at its long-time intersection with Fulton Street on the other side of the overpass, a vestige of the pre-BQE days, although the street is now nothing more than an on-ramp and a new-fangled way to get to Vine Street.

  • Claude Scales

    My favorite West Village intersection is Waverly and Waverly, next to the old Northern Dispensary building. Someone who lived near West 4th Street and West 11th Street said he could give cab drivers apoplexy by asking them to take him there.

  • jellen

    All the trees blooming and all the gardens make me so happy to live in the Heights! Thank you homeowners for landscaping and keeping the hood so pretty! My walk to the subway is so nice. I love Sidney Place this week, what’s your favorite street this spring?