Sunday Afternoon Car Fire Shuts Down Brooklyn Bridge

Photo by PD Hyman

Photo by PD Hyman

A car fire shut down all Manhattan bound traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge around 4pm Sunday afternoon.   Writer Peter Hyman snapped a few photos and published this report:

PD Hyman: Today at 4:20 p.m. my wife looked out our window and said, “Oh, gosh, there’s a car on fire on the bridge.” This isn’t the kind of thing she says often, so, naturally, I grabbed my camera.

But by the time I finished fishing around for the right lens, the bright orange flames had been extinguished (thanks NYFD!). However, a thick steam of white smoke continued to pour out of the hapless vehicle, which was on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, heading for Manhattan.

Needless to say all Manhattan-bound traffic was halted. Eventually those who’d been waiting made u-turns and drove the wrong way, back toward Brooklyn.

Based on what I saw all passengers in the vehicle had been safely removed. No word as whether or not the fire had anything to do with setting the clocks ahead an hour…

[via Brownstoner]

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  • Brad M

    I was wondering what this might have been. I saw the still-raging fire as I was on a Q train heading over the Manhattan bridge into Brooklyn. No one else in the subway car seemed to notice it. Then I saw all the traffic backed up and a fire engine turning onto the bridge entrance. I thought it might’ve been a car but wasn’t sure as the worsening fire made it hard to see what it was. Glad to hear no one was seriously hurt.

  • Cynthia L

    I was driving onto the ramp and saw the whole thing. Here are some photos of the sequence of events:

  • my2cents

    Well, at least another SUV is permanently off the road.