The Library Is Not So Quiet Anymore


Today's Daily News has a story about libraries morphing into community centers and becoming more noisy as a result.  Gone are the days of a septuagenarian maiden hushing chatty schoolchildren:

At the Brooklyn Heights branch, a reference librarian talked loudly on the phone to a customer. Occasionally, the loudspeaker announcing library events and groups interrupted the pages turning.

What do you think? More importantly, when was the last time you visited the library? After all, the "internet" has been invented… 

Photo: King County Law Library

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  • fishermb

    as a part time masters student in Library & Information Science, i am always happy to see libraries taking a more prominent role in bringing the community together, glad to see this get coverage.

  • Bozo

    If the babe in the photo will help me navigate the stacks, I’m in.

  • Claude Scales

    As an enthusiastic, and prolific, user of the internet, I can say that (to paraphrase an old song from South Pacific, “there is nothing like a book, nothing in the world.” There’s something about the heft of it, holding it in your hand, turning the pages, or just admiring it in your bookcase.

    I am, and will remain, a devoted user of the library. My wife and daughter concur in this.