Cranberry Street Fair Needs You


The Cranberry Street Fair will happen this year on September 29 from 11AM – 3PM. All the action takes place on Cranberry Street (natch!) between Hicks and Columbia Heights. There will be food and drink, books for sale, dancing, games, live music, raffle, flea market as well as "treasures".  And of course the annual Pet Parade (open to all nabe "residents") starts at noon.

The organizers of the Fair are looking for local volunteers to help with either setting tables up in the morning  or to help with taking things down when the fair is over in the afternoon. If you're interested email Katie — sales AT for details.

Proceeds of the Fair go to the beautification of the neighborhood (ie the fantastic potted plants around Willow and Cranberry Streets). 

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  • NewtoNabe

    Looks like fun. Open to all, correct? Not just Cranberrians. Also, isn’t there some type run associated with this?

  • nabeguy

    A very neighborly event from a strong block association that welcomes all. Definitely worth a visit.