Monroe Place During Blizzard of 1888


Heights Hero Martin Schneider sends in this photo of Monroe Place during the blizzard of 1888, which to the best of our knowledge was way before his time. He writes, “I’ve been on Monroe Place a long time, a very long time. I thought my neighbors might enjoy a view of Monroe Place after the last really big blizzard. It was in March 8, 1888.”

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  • AEB

    Terrific shot! Thanks, Martin!

  • http://n/a Larry Burnett

    Live on block too. This is great. Thank you!

  • GHB

    I guess the horses could navigate the snow. No need for plows and salt…

  • nabeguy

    Great shot, thanks Martin. Can’t help but notice that the folks on the right of the picture seem to have put off their shoveling duties…sigh, some things never change.

  • Andrew Porter

    There’s a photo of Clark Street from Fulton to Monroe right here in River City, uh, also during the Blizzard of 1888, here on the BHB: