FedEx Truck Slams into 128 Willow Street

photo by jason puris

photo by jason puris

A FedEx truck ran into 128 Willow Street around  3:45 pm, according to several BHB tipsters.  The Brooklyn Eagle reports that one pedestrian was injured and taken to Long Island College Hospital, however BHB has learned that the victim was actually taken to Bellevue Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

More photos after the jump.

photo by Tim N

photo by Tim N

photo by Tim N

photo by Tim N

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  • my2cents

    Jeez. Didn’t know Toyota was making Fedex trucks now. But seriously that is scary. I hope the victim is doing ok!

  • DW

    Yes I hope he is doing well too. He is my cousin!! I’d be interested in hearing more about what happened.

  • cat

    I wondered if this was the same FedEx truck that almost ran over my daughter and me on Aiken Place around 1:00 today. But no, I’m pretty sure the logo on that truck was green and purple, not orange and purple. WTH happened here?

  • Matt

    Other cousin here. Victim is in stable condition after sustaining injuries to the head and knee.

  • JennyB

    Homer – I hope this makes your police blotter. What happened that the truck crash head-on into that building?

  • harumph

    did you see the two tow trucks getting that thing out? The large one had a bazillion lights in all different colors – my son swears it was a “real life Hess truck” and I gotta say I believe him!!

  • nabeguy

    Maybe he was swerving to avoid a raccoon.

  • Publius

    Maybe it was the meth.

  • tb

    Maybe someone was trying to steal the tires…

  • nabeguy

    DW/Matt, glad to hear that your cousin is on the mend. This must have been one frightening experience.

  • Billy Reno

    At least the bike lane’s not blocked.

  • AEB

    I hold Gristedes accountable. Or maybe Great Wall. (OK, I know this is a serious business….)

  • Heightser

    The levity here is in poor taste. I live in this building and this was an incredibly scary event. The guy that was hit was very lucky he wasn’t killed.

  • BrooklynBlogger

    The dumpsters left on the street in bk are a hazard… they are to blame for this accident.

  • WillowSt.

    I agree with BrooklynBlogger. There are now TWO dumpsters on Willow Street and both are far too wide. The FedEx truck got caught on the second one, supposedly. I hope the man injured is doing okay. This is such a shame.

  • LZ

    For all those people that decided to crack jokes about this situations i would just like you to take a step back and think if that was your relative conscience and pinned betweened a building and a huge truck. This is his niece and our family has gone through so much since this has happened. He was simply walking home from work and to make comments saying he was hit by a meth truck is just rude and disrespectful. He has a wife and child to take care of at home and for all of you to make comments like that is just wrong. So next time you post a comment please just take a minute to think about what you ae going to say. Our family needs support right now so if you could leave SUPPORTIVE comments we would appreciate it

  • Kim G.

    Sending our Well Wishes to the injured.

  • newhere

    LZ-nobody said he was hit by a meth truck.

  • newhere

    oops.. to continue.. it seems like the posters are making fun of the general banter here on the blog and don’t mean any mean wishes to your cousin.
    We all hope he gets better soon.

  • dr

    Thx so much for the ‘well wishes’.

    cousin of victims wife

  • 128 Willow

    LZ–I live in 128 Willow and the entire building has been concerned about your cousin. Please send him our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery and if you wouldn’t mind posting updates on his status, we would sure appreciate it. This was an unnecessary tragedy!

  • pw

    The victim is my nephew. He is in stable condition but his recovery will be long and difficult. It has been a real tragedy.
    Many have and are traveling long distincees to be with him, his wife and daughter. Thanks for your support.

  • cns

    the victim is a lovely man with a beautiful family. It seems so unfair something like this cold happen in a blink of an eye to someone so positive and nice.

    To his extended family – thanks for the updates.

  • 128 Witness

    I witnessed the horrible tragedy on Monday night. Many posters have claimed that the blame rest with the dumpsters. Let me unequivocally say, that I witnessed the event from 20 feet away and the driver did NOT appear to hit the dumpster. There was no first crash or sound of a hit of truck against dumpster and NO sound or sign of breaking. The truck was going at consistent speed and never slowed until it hit the building. He never braked! In fact, the driver was unaware that he had even hit someone when he exited his truck. Let me say this again to be clear, I did not see or hear him hit the dumpster and it appeared that he was NOT paying attention to the road. (Was possibly texting or focusing on something other than the road and had no idea his truck was even turning at a 45 degree angle.) When the driver got out of the truck, he wasn’t even aware that there was a man pinned under his TRUCK!!!!!! Also very upsetting, 15 strong and able construction workers emerged from the brownstone under renovation next to our building and absolutely REFUSED to help try to move the FEDEX truck off this innocent and suffering victim. My heart goes out to him and his family.

  • LZ

    My family would like to thank all of those for their supprt. My uncle’s condtion has not gotton worse but it hasnt gotton any better either. We are all hoping that he has a full recovery and can be back with his family soon.

  • LZ

    My uncle is doing fine. They took him off of the medication that had him sedated and he ended up pulling out his breathing tube. He is stable and hopefully on his way to a speedy recovery.

  • alan

    I live in the 128 Willow St. building as well. This was a horrible accident to witness and I am so happy to hear that your uncle is recovering. if you have the chance, please continue to update us on his status as I know many others are concerned for him as well.

  • BB

    i was one of the firemen who helped get him out and it was not fun. My best wishes go out to him and his family and i hope he is going to be ok.

  • LZ

    Just an update. My uncle’s recover is going well he has extensive injuries to both of his legs but the doctors believe he will recover without any serious complications. His mental status is also good. The neurologist is happy with where is at right now. My ucle doesnt remember the accident which at this point is probably a good thing, and he really doesnt remember much of his inital hospital stay. My family would like to thank all of those on the rescue team, the firemen, EMS, and his doctors and nurses without your work things could have been alot worse for my uncle. We would also like to thank all of those that have been concerned about his health.

  • angie

    interested in photos taken of the fed-x truck hitting 128 willow st bldg on Feb 1, 2010- jason puris and tim n – please contact me
    we represent injured pedestrian -would help greatly if we could get photos