Tipster: New Dry Cleaner Coming to Joralemon Street

From the BHB Inbox comes this dispatch from tipster “TD”:

There are signs up for a dry cleaning establishment to open in the old pharmacy space under 150 Joralemon St. As a resident on that street, this is exciting news. Besides Azzuro’s (which is basically a shoe repair shop that also sends out dry cleaning), there hasn’t been any dry cleaning in a 3-4 block radius since D&J Dry Cleaning (next to what is now Edible Arrangements on Clinton) shut down a few years ago. And here’s what I’m really hoping for: that this upcoming establishment will also do wash and fold laundry service.

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  • jora-lemon

    This new dry cleaner is going to cause a ton of auto traffic, turning joralemon into a super highway. We should put up bollards at the corner to make sure this doesn’t happen. People will be circling the heights for hours looking for a place to park so they can pick up their shirts. The world is about to end people!!!

  • Kgodlew

    This new dry cleaner is a total rip-off. I used a %-off coupon they were handing out at the opening and the woman “forgot” to apply it to half of my order. Then, she charged exorbitant rates (maybe to make up for the discount?). I would skip this place completely.