Open Thread Wednesday 1/13/10

Flickr photo by tomservojr

Flickr photo by tomservojr

What’s shakin’?  What’s on your mind and stuff?  Comment away!

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  • Nancy

    Does anyone know what’s going on with the first level of the St. George? It looks like it’s being prepared for something, but it always remains empty.

  • north heights res

    I have a two year old Dell laptop in need of serious medical intervention. Anyone in the neighborhood who does reasonably priced laptop repairs?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Bread and Butter opened Saturday and was packed according to reliable sources. The menu is eclectic and with many dishes guaranteed to stick to the ribs, for example the Southern Fried Chicken, mashed potato option for two. Looks like it has a good mix of meat and fish dishes and prices are reasonable. Did anyone try it out yet? Below is link to menu:

  • Kurt

    My wife and daughter tried it Tuesday night. Nicely redecorated in lighter colors for a bistro. Excellent food. Blackened catfish and the short ribs were particularly excellent. Upper end polished service for a bistro-style restaurant. And very good value.

  • Sarah

    Whats the best place to get a ladies haircut in the neighborhood?

  • Matthew Parker

    I tried Bread and Butter last night. Quite good.

    My yelp review here:

  • pankymom

    Thinking of moving my banking to a local establishment — not one of the bailout banks. Anybody like their local bank? Anybody in a credit union?

  • pankymom

    Sarah — Stas is the owner at Studio Fryzura on Clark St. He’s totally awesome, responsive to pictures, technically perfect, fun to chat with and has lovely taste to boot. Good price, too.

  • AEB

    Hoping that Brad and Butter does a brunch menu. Are you listening, Bread and Butter?

  • No One of Consequence

    Are there credit unions here? I would be interested, too.

  • Alex

    @ Sarah, Van Sickel is cute, pleasant and very reasonable priced ($40ish). Jessica is the more popular stylist, but I’ve found Diana to be good too.

  • jeffk

    Hey, thanks for using my photo, Homer!

  • x

    I like my HSBC just fine, plus it’s international s o I can access my money all over the world.

  • aaron

    x– i use HSBC for the same reason–to have access to my money all over the world. but have you actually asked HSBC what they charge you to take out money from an HSBC atm abroad? it’s something insane like 5%. no joke–call them up and find out the rates. yes, they charge you to take out your money from their ATMs in other countries.

    also worth noting that most credit cards charge 3% for international purchases. amex charges 2% and capital one is the only major card i know of that does NOT charge for international purchases.

  • fishermb

    I second Jessica @ Van Sickel for haircuts, been using her all 3 years I’ve lived in the ‘hood and never had the slightest complaint, always leave happy.

  • x

    hmm.. We withdrew from HSBC in Hong Kong without any fees and when we went to Greece, they charged us a fee but we managed to argue to get it taken off.

    It still beats going to a local currecy exchange and get ripped off!

  • PS 8 parent

    Sarah, Van Sickel is great, low-key and welcoming. I love the cuts I’ve gotten there (2 so far.).

  • aaron

    x– they charged you a fee, trust me. they build it in to the conversion/exchange rate they give you. it’s very shady.

    no need to ever to go a local currency exchange. when you get of a plane, first stop should be the ATM in the airport.

  • Lauren

    Sarah, I’ve gone to both Jane at Studio Fryzura and Sandy at Irene Dinov on Montague Street and have been happy with both. Good luck in your search!

  • nabeguy

    If anyone is interested in making a donation to the tragic situation in Haiti, here’s the link to Doctors Without Borders

  • mc

    Thank you, nabeguy. They are an excellent organization, and have had an on-going presence in Haiti. They have lots of personnel on the ground there now, but their hospitals and other facilities have been devastated. Please, any one who’s reading this, consider making a donation to them, or another relief organization.

  • nabeguy

    I’ve always considered this neighborhood to be one that thinks locally but acts globally, so please try to do your part. If ever there was a “count your blessings” moment, this is it.

  • shelly

    My boyfriend and I both got food poisoning from the tuna melt sandwich at Henry’s Ale House on Sunday evening. We both had to sick days on Monday and it was absolutely horrible. Anyone else experience this from the Ale House recently? Needless to say, we will never eat there again. Should I report them to the Department of Health?

  • Peter

    Nice post nabeguy … I donated as well, but via this site:

  • north heights res

    Eaten there a million times, Shelly, and never had a problem; so disappointed to hear it. I love the place.

    The only place here I ever got sick from was the recently-deceased Petite Marche.

  • spm

    Does anyone know where to donate clothing for the Haitian earthquake victims? Any of the churches/synagogues here in the Heights taking up a collection? Thanks

  • harumph

    this is a great site if you are trying to figure out how to give:
    hope it helps let you decide where best to give…our choice was doctors without borders, specific to Haiti catastrophe.

  • nabeguy

    Great link harumph, thanks for that. I mentioned DWB because they have a reputation of putting donated money on the ground rather than into overhead. But you’re all free to make your own decision and this link provides a great resource for making it an educated one. The minimum donation requested by DWB is $35. Small numbers can make a big impact, so do what you can.

  • GHB

    Harumph, thanks for that link. Very valuable info!

  • Monty

    @spm, Please, do not donate clothing. The cost of packing and shipping stuff frequently outweighs the benefit. Just send money via a reputable charity like red cross, or DWB as mentioned above.