NYU Comes to the Heights

A story in the Brooklyn Paper says that New York University has acquired the former Watchtower sliver building at 67 Livingston Street (on the north side of the street between between Court and Clinton) for use as a graduate student residence. Of greater import, the same article reports a possible merger of NYU with Brooklyn-based Polytechnic University. It quotes an NYU spokesperson as saying that the University has been "looking across to Brooklyn to spread the tentacles of its ever-growing physical campus."

Tentacles?  Somebody's got to give this flack some lessons!

Update: NYU responds with this note from the BHB Inbox:

Regarding your post on 8/10 “NYU Comes to the Heights” –  John Beckman did not make that statement to the Brooklyn Paper.  The reporter actually pulled that quote from the text of a Crain’s NY article (http://www.crainsny.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070808/FRE! E/70808011/1046) and inaccurately attributed it to John. 

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  • fishermb

    sweet, a bunch of nyu grads moving in right next door to me…thats precisely why i dont live in manhattan

  • lakisha

    WAY TO GO NYU!!! great news for all…. and for all in the nabe….get a life… the borough is safer and continues to propser making our investment even more attractive.

  • Homer Fink

    As an NYU alum, I’m glad to see the school step up and add more dorms. Now it’s going to be impossible to get on the bocce court at Floyd.

  • Bklyn Native

    More students are a good thing. BH is great, but let’s face it–so freaking dull. We need some college kids smoking outside their dorms, making beer runs to Peas ‘n Pickles in the wee hours, having their 420 delivered directly to the dorm, and more low cost, but tasty restaurants enter the nabe.

  • Vishnu Jones

    I think this may lead to more mascot assaults.

  • ABC

    good! and grad students are great. we need a little more life — and a couple hundred students should bring a couple more cheap eats in the ‘hood.

  • JL

    I would take grad students any day over the undergrads in and around the St. George. Not to say grad students aren’t loud and obnoxious, but certainly less so than the undergrads.

  • http://adsformyself.blogspot.com Tim N.

    Will this mean more bikinis?

  • Billy Reno


  • joe

    I agree better graduate students than undergrads.

  • babs

    Actually tentacles is a good word for NYU’s predatory sea creature-like attempts to engulf all of the Village and, now, Brooklyn.

  • fishermb

    guess i’ve got the ease of access to update on progress…

    over the weekend there were workers ripping up the street and running fiber optic cables into the building.

    this morning there were 2 giant delivery trucks filled with what looked like desks, getting ready to unload into the building.

  • fishermb

    spoke to the NYU Housing worker outside the building this morning. Students will be moved in by NEXT SUNDAY