Water Main Break at Clark Street Station in Brooklyn Heights


Mrs. Fink reports in that the Clark Street 2/3 station is closed due to a water main break there.   According to FDNY on the scene the 2/3 is running but that  the Clark Street station is currently closed.  DEVELOPING…


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  • tb

    What is WRONG with the MTA employees. so angry.

  • alex

    Strangely, taking the A to Chambers and transferring to the 2,3 there actually got me to work faster than normal.

  • brooklynite

    the A is surprisingly quick b/c it doesn’t get held up as much as the 2/3 at Wall St or Fulton St. it is a great option!

  • AEB

    During the AM rush hour the A and C to Manhattan almost inevitably crawl as they approach 59th St., my daily destination stop.

    The problem, as announced again and again, is train traffic. However, the line is STILL quicker than the 2/3, which have more station stops heading uptown.

  • Pierrepont

    Must cast a dissenting vote here: Recently had to swear I’d never ride the A again, after the wheezy old trains and freakshow passengers made me miss the umpteenth meeting or appointment. The E, as anyone working in East Midtown can tell you, is an actual circle of Hell. Late, re-rerouted down 6th Ave without notice, rats on the platforms of the stations… Forget all those blue lines. You would be far better off hiking to the 4/5 or sticking with the (admittedly beleaguered) 2/3.

  • bornhere

    Water in the streets must be all the rage — there was break on Joralemon near Sidney last night, complete with the holiday sounds of 1 AM jack hammers (which was actually a small price to pay for the fast repair).

    On the subway issue — if you don’t mind descending evn beyond Dante’s Circles of Hell, the R train seems civilized. S-L-O-W, but civilized.

  • William Spier

    I know that it is irksome to be put out your way, but the real story here is the damage done to our local shoemaker. No nicer guy in the Heights than he, an emerging story is how he will recover from this. Keep yourself informed; we might have to lend a hand.

  • AEB

    The subway inner-circle-of hell phenomenon seems even more so these days as one looks away from ones fellow passengers, always in psychic-cosmetic distress, only to see newly posted ads for Halls lozenges.

    These show, in harrowing verisimilitude, “everyday people” with noses reddened by colds. Captions exhort these people to “carry on.” We’re meant to sympathize and be of better cheer (if of course we use the product)–but the effect is to depress one even further.


  • GHB

    I just thought it was a long overdue floor washing

  • Andrew Porter

    The comments posted here do not clarify exactly what happened this morning. Someone?

  • nabeguy

    As William pointed out, the majority of the damage seems to have been to the shoe repair shop, where I saw a plumbing crew cutting pipe as I came home this evening. What I’d really like an explanation of is the pooled water that was bubbling on the floor of the elevator area on the lower level. It looked like a hot spring, with air coming up from below through cracks in the floor.

  • http://elonanit.blogspot.com Tina

    SO – first is the station working again? Can I get home on the 2/3 tonight at 9ish? 2nd – I too am concerned about the cobbler – I love them there – the best ever – PLEASE keep us posted as to how/if they need help. I will also go by in the morning to see if they need a hand.