New Neighbor: Charlie-n-Diamond


Your next piece of jewelry can be made by a local Brooklynite whose work is featured at Charlie-n-Diamond at 105 Atlantic Avenue.

Anna Man and Elizabeth Lind make jewelry as “Darby and Darby,” in the space formerly occupied by Man’s Unisex salon Boy Luv Girl, which moved up the street and left 105 Atlantic Avenue empty. They saw the perfect location for their new boutique Charlie-n-Diamond. The boutique will offer not only Darby and Darby jewelry, but also the work of other local artists.

“We really have fun doing this, we really love it. We like to do things locally, to support artists in our community,” says Lind. Her excitement is quite contagious as she shows new customers around the store.

Charlie-n-Diamond also offers silk-screened canvas bags from Goodship, organic sustainable women’s clothing from I Love Ryann, and the eye-catching Candles in Teacups made by Vera Vandenbosch.

Charlie-n-Diamond is a child-friendly store. In fact, Man and Lind encourage shoppers to bring their children, who can occupy themselves with the floor-to-wall chalkboard (which also display’s some delightful necklaces). Elizabeth will happily hand chalk to any youngsters who want to entertain themselves while mom looks through the hand silk screened blouses by I Heart Fink.

Anna (left) and Elizabeth

Anna (left) and Elizabeth

Nearly all the jewelry, clothing, accessories, and chotchkes available at Charlie-n-Diamond are made by Brooklyn artisans, and for those of us mindful of the environment, Charlie-n-Diamond also boasts that most of their items are made in an eco-friendly manner.

With a wide range of adorable items, Charlie-n-Diamond is perfectly positioned to become a great spot to find cute, original, and imaginative gifts for this coming holiday.

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