Love Lane Garage Closes


We knew it was coming and now it's happend.  The Love Lane garage has closed. Condos are coming. The Brooklyn Eagle has more:

Brooklyn Eagle: Parking Crunch…: Wigfall said most of the car owners have already secured a spot at another local parking garage, but there have been some holdouts. “The ones that have been waiting for a last-minute reprieve, they’re going to have some trouble,” he said, noting that customers were given a year’s notice of the garage’s closing.

Those people will be able to find a space, but it’s going to be a hike for residents of this parking-starved neighborhood. Sales associates at garages in the Heights all said there’s a waiting list — 150 people at Cadman Plaza Garage and 43 people at the garage at 44 State St., for example.


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  • legal eagle

    I wonder what calendar he’s using to claim a “year’s notice” – I was a customer and we certainly didn’t get any official notice until this spring. Given horrible management over there (see e.g. the quote in the Eagle article), it doesn’t surprise me that he has no shame, even in print.

    Those who acted on the rumors on the Internet, the BHA newsletters, etc. were able to move to other garages. (The state street garage told me over the winter that some extravagant souls were paying for space in both garages as a hedge.) Those who waited for the official notice woke up one day to find that garages like Cadman went from a few available spaces to a 50-car waiting list overnight.

  • qwerty

    Great news.

    Condos/apartments are much better than a parking garage.

  • yo

    beware that cadman plaza garage as well. terribly terribly run. when i parked there i would routinely find my car windows open, with construction dust in the car. Also, more than once i found concrete globs dried to the car from work that they were doing patching the ceiling. Of course, when this was brought to the manager’s attention, he said, and i quote “not responsible.” In fact, that’s all he could say.

    And another time, when my access card stopped working for no reason, no one could fix it for me for months, requiring me to fill out a form every single time I left the garage. finally i hoofed it the hell out of there to another garage in the neighborhood.

  • Heights Neighbor

    The condos/apts I went to would not take non residents on a monthly basis.

    Personally, I’ve had a really good experience at the Cadman Garage…much better than Love Lane. I park the car myself, so never a problem with windows left open…and I prefer not having to call ahead as I had to do at Love Lane.

    They even returned two bottles of wine to me that I had left on the floor next to my car when I left the garage, and the manager (who has always been lovely to me) jumpstarted my car on Thanksgiving morning.

    No complaints here.

  • Publius

    Too bad, I was renting a parking space by the month, and put in a cot between the two white lines. It’s the only way I can continue to live in Brookyn Heights.

  • lakisha

    a bit of a hike but there is another garage on Jay Street right behind Concord Village – more affordable and available.

  • steve

    I wonder how they plan to convert the Love Lane Garage to condos? Has anyone heard details of the plan?

  • nabeguy

    Given that it was a garage, I’m sure it has a pretty open floor plan, so it’s pretty much a clean slate from a design standpoint. The biggest (and most expensive) issues will be the installation of electric and plumbing, all of which will be on a “from scratch” basis. Again, the possibilities are all there, depending on the depth of the developers pockets.

  • Teddy

    I can’t confirm this yet but I heard that the condo craze may claim the State Street garage as well in the next few months. It appears that now is the time for garage & gas station owners to sell their property.

  • lakisha

    teddy i heard the same about the state steet garage…and the owners are all selling out now before the market softens.

  • Tim N.

    Terrible news, as now the street parking crunch will only get worse. Resident permits now!

    On the other hand, we need more condos.

  • Teddy

    I would never park my car on the street if I could help it so a resident permit wouldn’t really apply to me, but I still think it would be a good idea. It would keep away a lot of “outsiders” from driving around the block a dozen times looking for a space.

  • Maya

    I used to live on Henry near Love Lane/College Pl. from 1966-74. I parked my car in the Love Lane garage forf $100 a month. Just curious what the rates were before it closed.