Who Should be on the 2009 BHB Ten List?

Here’s your chance to chime in and help us determine this year’s BHB Ten – a list of Brooklyn Heights residents who deserve a shout-out for contributing to the outside world in a positive way.

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BHB Ten 2008 list

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  • lifer

    In that case, I second or third Seth. I think its right to be able to nominate people who have a positive effect on the heights, thanks for bending Home-slice

  • bklyn20

    At the risk of sounding self-righteous, Billy R, The Hunchback of Atlantic Avenue is actually named Nick and is a very kind and decent person. Yes, he has his issues, but perhaps he should be known by his name rather than as a caricature. For more information, I think Vivian wrote about him in one of her columns.

    Ok, sermon over.

    I would nominate Bill Ringler, head of the Riverside Tenants Association, for his tireless work to save this beautiful and historic building and the histoiric garden behind it.

  • Billy Reno

    bklyn20, I was referencing a title bestowed upon Nick on this very blog.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Last night I planned to go to Le Petite Marche with my wife and sat outside on their bench waiting for her to exit the A train station.

    While waiting I was saddened to see that only one couple with their child was there followed by a senior couple who arrived after the first couple left. My wife was unavoidably detained so I spent the greater portion of 2 hours just hanging outside restaurant row.

    Personally, I am very uncomfortable with eating at an empty restaurant. I truly feel saddened for the owner , the employees and the immediate neighborhood since it appears that this beautiful restaurant is having a difficult time attracting new customers.

    I would hate seeing another empty space on Henry Street.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Sorry I posted to wrong subject.

    Also, if I recall, the article that Billy Reno was referring to was in April and it ended with a note that he doesn’t think of him as the Hunchback of Atlantic Avenue anymore, but rather by his name.

  • Pat Mazzei

    BHB 10 list
    I’d like to nominate Brian Shahum, Hicks St resident for man of the year!Brian Shahum is the young man who raised money and built a basketball court for kids in Africa. He formerly coached at St. Ann’s High School Boys Varsity Basketball, taught soccer classes at the Eastern Athletic Center, or had basketball instruction for local kids in the summer months. He is currently in contention for the “Next American Sports Star” on the Versus network. He works for Chartis Insurance in NYC and is formerly of Moscow, Pa. Ever since he was a kid Brian was involved With many charities and learned about giving and he’s never stoppe.

    Pat Mazzei

  • tb

    Ok then… I’m going to nominate Seth (if I haven’t already). Because of his efforts with PS 8 we can stay in the Heights for at least 5 more years!
    Go Seth!

  • bklyn20

    Sorry if it’s the official name — I just don’t think he deserves it, bent back or not. And I meant to type “Lillian wrote about him” (sorry Lillian) not Vivian.

    Sermon over to everyone else.

  • PS 8 parent

    Here’s another one: Paul O. Zelinsky, if he hasn’t been nominated in the past. He lives in the Heights. Not only is he an award-winning children’s book illustrator, who has received the Caldecott Medal and at least two Caldecott Honors, but he has also given very generously of his time and artwork to PS 8, where his wife, Deborah Hallen, taught for many years. He is one of the most distinguished illustrators of the last 50 years. He has an original piece of art hanging in the children’s room of the Brooklyn Heights Library.

  • http://mermaidsonparade.blogspot.com melanie hope greenberg

    I second Paul O. Zelinsky. His “Wheels on the Bus” is a classic. He’s been a very kind and supportive artist to me since the beginning of my picture book career in the late 1980’s.

  • http://www.stuckeyandmurray.com Stuckey and Murray

    Billy Reno for nominating Stuckey and Murray! Yeah. We will be at Floyd this Saturday for bocce playoffs and then at the Stache Bash in Dumbo. Donate a little cash to our mustaches here.

  • Billy Reno

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Seriously, S&M for the BH 10. They’re like Flight of the Conchords, but less New Zealandy.

  • Michael

    I would like to nominate a lesser known member of the heights that continues to do a lot for Brooklyn and abroad. In the past year, Scott Ruplinger has launched a nationwide penny collection competition in elementary, middle and high schools to raise awareness for education in Kenya. He has built one new school in Kenya this year bringing the total up to three in the past three years. He also coaches (for free) a large number of Kenyan runners and arranges all of their sponsorships to travel internationally and provide for their families. Last month he opened a new training center for runners to train at for free as well as building a new community library. Locally, he runs three nonprofits aimed at low income individuals as well as coaches an after school youth cross country team in Prospect Park. Also, he chairs the public interest program at Brooklyn Law School raising funds, awareness,and interest in giving back to the local community. All of this while a full-time law student and making less than $30k a year. Though not a usually visible entity in our neighborhood, his impact is worldwide and much needed.

  • ABC

    Sammi and Mohammed (Doucoure) and Mohammed (Afrahim), the good guys of Montague Street.

  • Monty

    How about the guys at Hot Bagels in honor of their 15th anniversary?

  • Concerned Citizen

    My vote is for Doug Biviano. He’s the first person I heard speak the truth in Brooklyn politics in my ten years in the borough. I hope he does still live in the borough. He need more people like him.

  • Homer Fink

    These are great nominations, please keep ’em coming. We’re also looking for anyone who is interested in help us compile the story on the BHB 10 this year – ie photographing, interviewing the list members…. helps if you know or have access to the finalists. If you’re interested, email us webmaster at brooklynheightsblog dot com

  • Billy Reno

    Demetri Martin!

  • anon

    Given Claude’s rule that BHB staff aren’t eligible, can we nominate people who (apparently, but maybe not) occasionally write for BHB but aren’t on the masthead? I’m thinking of Brooklyn Heights own J-Lo :).

    Also, how can I send you a photo while maintaining my anon status?

  • Andrew Porter

    And no one has even mentioned Judy Stanton? Amazing…

  • Willowtown

    I nominate Seth Unger. Seth has been a BH resident for quite sometime along with his wife and two daughters. Seth is extremely altruistic as his efforts in promoting and engaging Publicolor http://www.publicolor.org/ The NYC Food Film Festival http://www.nycfoodfilmfestival.com/ as well as many other charitable organizations. Seth is a proud and active parent at one of the Heights local pre schools and deserves this honor in light of his morals, ethics, and character. The world would be a better place if there were more Seth Ungers! http://www.downtownexpress.com/de_62/young.jpg

  • Snoopy

    Matt Parker (and Giuseppe) for overseeing Hillside Dog Park for what must be going on five years now. Hillside is the largest dog park in NYC and is used by hundreds of dogs and their people, not just from the area but from other boroughs, as well. Matt continues to oversee its management, from organizing cleanups, interfacing with the Parks Dept., raising money, maintaining the website, partaking in the annual Halloween parade, and spearheading campaigns such as the off-leash law that, if I recall correctly, brought Mayor Bloomberg to Hillside Dog Park. All this, while maintaining a business and an active cosmopolitan social agenda.

  • Montragrue

    Bobby Cruz at the UPS Store. Hardest working man on Montague Street.

    Peter Byros for putting a lobster back in place of a pickle.

  • Homer Fink

    Any women for the list this year?

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Homer: I’ve nominated Heather Hitchens (see my comment near the top). As I put on my helmet for protection from the inevitable brickbats, I’ll say that I also believe Judy Stanton should be on the list. Chelsea Mauldin of Montague Street BID is another worthy candidate. Since you’ve opened it to non-Heights residents, I’ll also mention Nancy Webster, a DUMBO resident who heads the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy.

  • Homer Fink

    ahem.. “Homer”

  • tb

    So wait.. Homer’s name is John?

  • nabeguy

    tb, pay no attention to that man behind the monitor.

  • North Heights

    Seth Unger is a terrific choice!

  • PS 8 parent

    I second Nancy Webster.