Barricaded Subject on Pierrepont

Photo by M. Hermann/BHB

Photo by M. Hermann/BHB

There is police activity on Pierrepont Street tonight.  According to Gothamist newsmap, the call is for a “barricaded subject”.  DEVELOPING….

Update: This just in from BHB’s Weegee via Mama Weegee:

It seems the “EDP” is a woman who has been acting erratically, eg, playing very loud jazz, burning incense, and claiming to be a “9/11 widow,” and has barricaded herself in her apartment. (Of course, none of that sounds terribly unstable to me….) Anyway, there is a full response, and it seems that PD has just cut the power to her apartment in an effort to get her to come out.

Update 8:25pm: Weegee reports that building in question is 58 Pierrepont.

Update 8:43pm: Weegee reports that ESU from Bklyn, Qns, Manhattan North and Manhattan South here…Hostage Negotiation Team and TARU(Technical Assistance Response Unit).

Update 9:11 pm: Weegee reports that the subject has been taken into custody.

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  • T.K. Small

    I have friends in the psychiatric survivors movement that redefine EDP as: “every-day-people”.

  • ABC

    She’s been playing (rather good) loud music on and off for weeks now. I think the thing that changed tonight was that she threatened/attempted to jump. Hope they get her out safely.

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, the police have set up a large mattress-type device outside the building, presumably to be used as a cushion. It’s been going on for several hours now…

  • Homer Fink

    As something more than a footnote – I’d like to add that we hope this neighbor receives the care, help, attention and love that she needs.

  • jk

    We live right behind.. we didn’t hear jazz.. but she trashed her deck though..
    Police took her away, about 20 min ago. They didn’t’ really cut the power.. hopefully she is ok.

  • KB

    I know her, and although I do not want to reveal personal details, I do want to correct some of the false speculations. First, no quotes around the 9/11 widow. Her husband died in the towers. Second, it’s not about loud music. Water dripping down from her apartment while she barricaded herself inside was what triggered the police involvement.

  • Homer Fink

    Thanks KB. Our prayers are with her as well as the countless others who lost loved ones that day.

  • alex

    My thoughts are with her.

    Thanks for the tactful reporting of this story (namely, the photo of the cops, rather than one of her on a stretcher). I’m glad to see everyone respecting the privacy of this woman during what is obviously a difficult time.

  • Heights

    The holidays can be a difficult time for some. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  • nabeguy

    Sad to think that the tragic events of that day are still claiming victims. My heart goes out to her in hopes that she find help in making peace with her terrible loss.