Wi-Pie Pizzeria Opens on Remsen Street


Wi-Pie, a new pizza joint, has set up shop on the otherwise deserted stretch of Remsen Street across from St. Francis College.

The new eatery will strive to be the cheapest lunch option in the area, said owner Solomon Solomonov. Almost all of the menu items are under $5, and allow for maximum customization. For example, a small salad is $4.49 and includes your unlimited choice of 32 different toss-ins, he said.

Along with pizza, the shop will serve sandwiches, salads and cream cheese sticks, a creation of Solomonov. The sticks have the texture and fillings of bagels, but in a log-like form. Cream cheese fillings include regular, veggie, lox and walnut raisin.

The new pizzeria, which is aimed primarily at Downtown Brooklyn office workers and students has a casual décor and offers free wi-fi, hence the name.

Solomonov, a Brooklyn native and student at the Brooklyn Law School, said he grew up working in pizzerias and with a wife and baby on the way, he wanted to find a way to provide for them.

While he has considered the downfalls of opening a small business during this economic climate, he remains confident that he’s offering something the neighborhood needs.

Wi-Pie Pizzeria, 155 Remsen Street. (347) 529-6912. $10 minimum delivery.


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  • hoppy


    Regardless, I’m highly tempted to order the $4.49 small salad with ALL 32 unlimited “toss-ins.”

  • Homer Fink

    I walked by today and it was packed. That’s a lot of toppings.

  • Publius

    Looks like they are aiming to siphon off much of MontyQ’s pizza and salad business. With their low prices, they might succeed.

  • anon

    Sounds good to me. Are they open for dinner too?

  • x

    Yes, I walked by at 7pm and it was still filled with people.

    It’s nice to see that stretch of Remsen to have some liveliness.

  • Andrew Porter

    The building that used to house a Vietnamese restaurant with a YMCA branch on the second floor was originally sold to someone who was trying to amasss the property t put up a tall building on the site, but when they couldn’t buy any other property, the site was put back on the market. Apparently zoning will allow a 32-story building on the site.

    If you live in the highrise apt building on Montague and your view is facing south, you can expect to see something blocking your views arise on this site when the recession is over.

  • Bongo

    Almost as bad a name as the curious “Pizzanini” I passed in the east village yesterday.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/theyardie/298366254/ David

    Great! Another annoying place for failed writers to hack their lives away!

  • T.K. Small

    I actually like the name, but I guess it is just a peculiar appreciation of making a pun. My friend and I stopped by yesterday around 3 PM. We were the only ones there and the pizza was pretty bad. The soup, sandwich or salad looks like a much better option. I hope they succeed!

  • tb

    Do they have tables in there?

  • db

    How does a law student afford to open a pizzeria? Where is the time and MONEY? Geesh.

  • x

    Recession has made it easier for the little guy to open small businesses.

  • Wi-Pie

    Here is the Wi-Pie Salad Challenge: If you find a salad cheaper than ours, we’ll give you one for free. To claim a free salad, provide verifiable documentation, such as a receipt, indicating the price, size, and contents of a comparable salad. The comparable salad must be cheaper than a Wi-Pie salad of identical size and composition and must be purchased from a food establishment located north of Atlantic Avenue, South of Pierrepont Street, East of the BQE, and West of Boerum Place and Adams Street.

  • nabeguy

    Stop, you’re making me dizzy.