Mr. Junkersfeld Eats His Way Through Brooklyn, Checks Out New Armando’s in Brooklyn Heights

BHB contributor Karl Junkersfeld eats his way through Brooklyn and beyond eventually making  a stop at the new and improved Armando’s.

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  • bornhere

    A gaggle of us had dinner in a wonderfully busy Armando’s last night (we actually had to wait a bit for our 8:00 reservation). The food and drinks were very good, the service was fine, and it was great to see Peter and Co. doing so well. We also couldn’t help but notice that, while the crowd was not hipster-young, it was certainly a good 10-15 years junior to the usual suspects. And a great time was had …..

  • AEB

    Thanks for this, Karl! NY Noodletown is a great favorite of mine, too. Those who haven’t yet tried it should and order salt-baked anything, any of the roasted meats–and of course, the noodle dishes.

    And let’s not forget their jook–rice porridge usually called congee into which meats and vegetables are added. THE comfort food, a perfect breakfast on a cold winter’s day.

  • peppermint

    This video was so cute! and very informative. I look forward to seeing more of these. Thanks Karl Junkersfeld!

  • heights resident

    enloyed / keep them coming………..going to hibino for lunch today.

  • AEB


  • Matthew Parker

    The fried tofu in broth at Hibino is killer.

  • Billy Reno

    Great stuff! Looking forward to more reviews of Brooklyn Heights restaurants…in Da Bronx!

  • Andrew Porter

    The first minute and 50 seconds have absolutely nothing to do with Brooklyn or BH, and if you don’t know who Paul Giamatti is, he lives on Pierrepont Street and played the title role in HBO’s “John Adams”; he’s also appeared in many other movies and on TV.

    I would have cut the first non-BH part of this out, but apparently someone loves these. Just not me.