Nabe Thesp Meets Brother Fred

Every day I wake up and realize that we're not worthy to live in the same neighborhood as the Great American Actor Paul Giamatti. He can do no wrong. He's might be the most talent thesp of his generation, but he's JUST LIKE US!!  He's got bills to pay too so once in a while he'll make a flick like Fred Claus. Of course  I think it looks friggin' hilarious, but the skeptics disagree.

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  • Idiot

    He’s never done a good performance in a good movie. What good movies are on his IMDB page like Donnie Brasco, Saving Private Ryan, or Truman Show, he was unmemorable. And then he made Sideways, American Splendor, and Lady in the Water, which were just with the sucking. He’s one dimensional, and unlike Adam Sandler, his one dimensional character isn’t worth watching. I don’t understand why he’s supposed to be an exemplar of his “craft.” Must be because he’s ugly.

  • Jo Ann

    Talk about ugly.

  • Frosty

    Hey, hey, I like to think that Giamatti’s the type that thought it would be fun and even a challenge to give his interpretation of the Santa character. And although the test screening inspired bad reviews from AICN and on the IMDb site, his performance has been noted, one IMDb reviewer stating that he gave a real sincere warmth to the character which is all his own.

  • nabeguy

    Having seen him in person, I gotta tell you he’s really not as ugly as he comes across on screen. And just because he’s able to nail the kvetching, boil-on-his-butt type roles that are written for him doesn’t necessarily qualify make him as a bad actor. You may not like the characters he’s portraying, but he seems tailor-made for them, even if they’re the same ones from movie to movie. For that, you can blame the writers and casting directors.