NY Post Touts Noodle Pudding

In a sidebar piece about the Brooklyn restaurant renaissance yesterday, the NY Post listed Noodle Pudding as one of 5 eateries “you should check out“.  The others – Vinegar Hill House in DUMBO, Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg, Tanoreen in Bay Ridge and The General Greene in Fort Greene.

NY Post:  “It is amazing the change in Brooklyn in the last dozen years or thereabouts. I’m going to have dinner tonight in Brooklyn,” Hizzoner said yesterday as he announced the city’s deal to buy land in Coney Island. “Time and time again, when I say, ‘Where do you want to go to have dinner?’ Friends who’ve come from out of town pick restaurants in Brooklyn, and that is really different,” the mayor added. “They didn’t used to before. Maybe one or two in [Brooklyn] Heights, but Brooklyn has really come back.”

So is Noodle Pudding THE restaurant you’d recommend friends and tourists check out in Brooklyn Heights?  BHB contributor Karl Junkersfeld, who sent us this link, would agree.  Us?  We’d say Jack the Horse in the neighborhood or Henry Public in Cobble Hill among others.  How about you?

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  • ls

    I’d say Henry’s End is worth a trip.

  • AEB

    Noodle Pudding uneven, but certainly a nabe treasure…..

  • my2cents

    Noodle Pudding is delicious and has great value, IMO, but they need to hire a host/hostess. Their lack of greeter makes the whole experience of going there sour from the first moment. Once you are seated, it is a pleasure though. They usually rely on one already overburdened waiter to keep the list of people waiting and it makes the place look amateurish. And usually no one comes up and acknowledges you for the first 3 minutes you walk in an stand there.

  • Monty

    Isn’t that beardy guy the greeter? I’m a big NP fan and it is certainly a homey, neighborhood place, but I would actually say that if you are going to go out of your way to eat in BH, Queen is the best food you can get.

  • Matthew Parker

    I slam Noodle Pudding, Tanoreen, and Vinegar Hill House on Yelp. All wildly overrated and mediocre at best. IMHO.


  • AEB

    Matthew, completely agree in re NP–and also about Grand Sichuan on 29th.

    Worth trying: Phoenix Garden on 50th between 2nd and 3rd–Cantonese food quite carefully and deliciously prepared: really a standout. Definitely try the salt and pepper shrimp, salt-baked shrimp by another moniker.

    Restaurant noise is becoming a deal-breaker for me. Never thought I’d say it, but….

  • the banned

    I like noodle pudding. it’s convenient and convivial.

  • cat

    Henry Public has about 3 items on the menu. Hard to recommend.

  • nabeguy

    Nice of “hizzoner” to acknowledge that culture exists beyond the rivers. Apparently, Brooklyn was a vast culinary wasteland back in 1997, when Rudy G. was mayor, and we were all so much more provincial.

  • Cranky

    My favorites are Henry’s End, La Petite March and I really like the new Wine Bar.