Vote for BHB in Mashable’s Open Web Awards

We’ve never won an award … ever.  Not in Cub Scouts, not in Chess Club or any of the other really nerdy things we’ve done over the years.  Sure Homer almost won a Billboard Radio Award back in the 90s — key word is “almost” .   So here’s your chance to help us get over the jinx – vote for BHB as Best Local News Site in Mashable’s Open Web Awards.  Click here and follow the instructions.   Thanks!

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  • Gersh Kuntzman

    You know what? I WILL vote for you. This is a great blog.


  • Homer Fink

    I knew you were our special friend!

  • adam suerte

    Done, good luck fellas

  • The Who

    Just voted and it was very easy. Homer deserves a tremendous amount of credit for producing a blog that is truly informative. I love Brooklyn Heights and this blog has become a necessary ingredient to my daily schedule of things to do.

    I love it.

  • Lynda

    I voted! Good luck, the BHB deserves to win at everything!