Carmine Paradiso’s Brooklyn Heights Music Video

Director Paul Wohlstetter has posted a music video he shot with Canadian singer/songwriter Carmine Paradiso here in Brooklyn Heights. He writes on YouTube:

I spend the summer in New Jersey and New York. I had produced an album for a guy named Carmine Paradiso. We had a great time making his CD. He came to visit me and he had a song called “Brooklyn”, so we decided to go to my old stomping grounds.. near Brooklyn Heights, the Promenade and the Brooklyn Bridge one sunny day and shooting some footage. Alot has changed since the early nineties. We had a lot of fun and we ended up turning into a music video for his song. We also shot footage for a song called “Catey” all over Jersey- which is the second music video. For a guy from Vancouver, Carmine seems to have a lot of New York in him… call us the Brooklyn Brothers.

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  • What the F*CK

    This is god awful. Please don’t post crap like this even if it shows Brooklyn Heights. We don’t want to attract the wrong crowd in our beautiful neighborhood!!!!

  • AEB

    Ah, human vanity!

  • nabeguy

    Something tells me I’m lucky not to have speakers on my computer at work.

  • travy

    wtf- by ‘wrong type’ do you mean shitty filmmakers and singers? yikes, don’t like to judge but that was bad…

  • bornhere

    WTF — Totally agree with you. Can this guy be any more joyless? It’s as though his “mood” contaminates everything he is near. What an absolute BH Buzzkill.

  • nabeguy

    Watching this video takes its toll. Really, oh baby really, move back to Canada.

  • fangedpinkaccordion


  • Billy Reno

    Why couldn’t it have been Canadian singer Burton Cummings?! Now there’s a voice!!

  • sue

    Ok, so he’s no Leonard Cohen, but I will take an earnest guy like this over a scruffy band of carpetbaggers wearing “ironic” Banana Splits tshirts and tattoos of 45 adapters (which they have never even seen) ANY DAY. Carmine rules over “willyburg” wannabes

  • bornhere

    Um, nabe, WTF, fangedpinkaccordion, travy — you want to take this one?

  • nabeguy

    Just twice…once without sound and then, unfortunately, once with it. And sue, you’re right…Carmine displays no irony. More like iron ear.

  • Homer Fink

    I’m closing this thread because it’s degenerated into name calling and stupidity. “Fans” of Mr. Paradiso are doing him no service by astroturfing this thread with attacks on local commenters. I’ve moderated comments from the IP addresses used and re-used by these “Paradiso-ites”.

    As for Mr. Paradiso, I wish you luck and hope that you can find a more honest and effective social media marketing team to further your career.