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The New York Times covers our recent British Invasion:

New York Times: The Fleet's In: Getting to Montero’s Bar is easy: take Atlantic Avenue to Brooklyn Heights, and it’s the last bar on the right before the harbor. Unless, of course, you’re coming from Britain on a warship, chugging six days across the Atlantic and docking at Pier 7 at the end of Atlantic Avenue, in which case it’s the first bar on the left.

For members of the British Royal Navy on the two warships at the pier, it became something more than just a bar last week.

“It’s the ‘duty watch bar,’ ” Mark Smith, 41, a petty officer sitting in Montero’s on Sunday, said with a thick accent that was part British and part Rolling Rock. “It’s an expression. The nearest pub to the ship is the duty watch bar.”

The two warships, the destroyer Manchester and the aircraft carrier Illustrious, arrived in New York last week, the former in Brooklyn and the latter in Manhattan first, then Brooklyn a few days later. Things were going considerably smoother on this visit than the Royal Navy’s trip to Brooklyn in 1776, during the Revolutionary War.

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