Open Thread Wednesday 11/4/09

Flickr photo via Paint the Town

Flickr photo via Paint the Town

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  • nabeguy

    There was a PD helicopter right over (and I mean, like 500 feet right over) my house on Middagh at 7:30 AM. Could a jumper have stayed out there that long?

  • my2cents

    Yeah I heard that too. Maybe the BHA can ban Police helicopters from hovering over the area.

  • nabeguy

    More likely that the police would ban the BHA from hovering over the area.

  • Andrew Porter

    According to the digital files of The Brooklyn Eagle, at the end of his life Beecher and/or his family lived in 45/55 Pineapple Street, which at the time overlooked the church. 45/55 was built in 1883.

    My proposal for getting rid of low flying helicopters is barrage balloons, such as were flown over London during WW2. They’re still made, used nowadays for advertising purposes.

    I saw those people pushing Bloomberg outside of PS 8, but as they were at the curbside, they were legal. They were unnerved, however, when I told them I was voting for Fiorello LaGuardia…

  • Cranberry Beret

    Andrew – so, have you been invited into the Columbia Heights house yet?