Village Voice Covers Wild Game Festival at Henry’s End

Every year around this time, Brooklyn Heights mainstay Henry’s End cooks up its  Wild Game Festival.  The Village Voice interviews chef/owner Mark Lahm about what’s on the menu this year:

Village Voice: But you’d be hard-pressed to find much game in New York restaurants, aside from a smattering of wild boar Bolognese sauces, a few plates of bunny here and there, and a special game menu that Picholine has done in the past. But in Brooklyn, Henry’s End chef/owner Mark Lahm is quietly cooking an extensive wintertime game menu, which he’s been running October through March since 1986. Reindeer, bear, turtle, kangaroo, and antelope–if you can eat it, Lahm has served it. Fork in the Road chatted with Lahm about the ins and outs of cooking and serving game.

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