BH Beach is Open


BHB reader Robin sent in this photo of the "beach" at Pier 4/5's Floating Pool Lady. "Jay" comments on OTW today about going there:

I know today was just the opening but the chlorine level was very mild. I am sure the clouds kept people away but it is the cleanest pool in the city and a view to kill. It seems very well organized and there is a willingness on everyone’s part to make the experience even better. The pool is being run by the American Legion, not by the Parks Dept. this year. The pool may offer early hours to campers. No glass anything allowed in the beach or pool areas. The beach has soccer, volleyball, tons of picnic benches, beach chairs, umbrellas to rent and food. The snack bar at pool side is not finished and it looks like some more lights are going to be installed. Everyone working there was in an unusual friendly non-New Yorker attitude. 

New York Times coverage of The Floating Pool Lady opening 

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  • monty

    This may be a stupid question but, how do you get down there?

  • nabeguy

    It’s at the foot of Joralemon Street. Just walk down to the bottom of the hill, cross Furman, and you’re there.