Heights Bride’s Dress Goes to Texas

elisa_box_200x300.jpgElisa Zuritsky, nabe resident and Sex in the City writer, has given away her wedding dress

Woe Turns to Wow for Texas Bride: A Texas reservist has won a never-worn $3,000 designer wedding gown given away by a Brooklyn Heights writer in an Internet essay sweepstakes, it was announced today. Elisa Zuritsky, 37, a screenwriter, launched the online contest in March at takemy dress.com after the Mariana Hardwick gown she had ordered for her October wedding arrived just days before the event without time for needed alterations. More than 100 brides-to-be and some future grooms responded to the essay contest, with Zuritsky narrowing the choice down to the Texas woman who wanted to be known by the name Ann. Zuritsky had asked entrants to write their "tale of woe" in fewer than 500 words. "She was the very first entry I received and when I read her story, I loved her voice and she had a sense of humor about her situation," said Zuritsky. "Obviously I sympathized. At the time, both she and her fiance were going to be deployed to Iraq."

The winner, "Ann" wrote in her winning essay:

To be sure, our circumstances change constantly. Since I last wrote to you, it turns out that my orders were issued in error (very complicated story, but it pays off to pay attention to little details… take that, Uncle Sam!). I am now not going to Iraq (happy dance!)… but then there goes the "woe" that qualified my application in the first place. Hmmmm. So throw me back in the competition, but keep in mind that my situation is now only uncomfortable… not quite woeful :) Surely there is a more desperate (and deserving) bride than myself. If you choose me, I will happily wear the dress, and will be sure to pass it along in a similar fashion. I love what you did, and would be overjoyed to make this free dress a travelling dress.

Soooo… current plan is for us to elope to Colorado on January 18th after my dear soldier returns home to me in November…

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