Open Thread Wednesday 10/7/09


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  • Shammy

    Should I join the Brooklyn Heights Association?

  • promenade

    I asked this last week – but very late in the week when I don’t think anybody was reading the thread any longer. I was hoping to get info re Halloween.
    I’ve gone to Garden Place each year with my children, and this year I really don’t want to fight the crowds (felt like I put our lives in danger every time we got shoved up brownstone stairs and down)…so…I put it to everyone at BHB, is the rest of Brooklyn Heights finally “doing” Halloween or can anyone recommend a less crowded place for trick-or-treat?

  • In the Heights

    Shammy – YES! It is your neighborhood association that does a lot of good things for us. Ok, let the dissenters and Judy Stanton haters comment, but I think they have done a lot of great things. I credit Judy’s work with neighborhood families several years ago that helped get BH back to PS 8.

  • Bart

    What do you buy in the neighborhood?

    Aside from groceries what do you buy in the neighborhood? For just about every major purchase: furniture, computer, musical equipment, and to explore great restaurants, I almost always go to Manhattan. Granted we have great local restaurants, but when I meet people, it’s always easier for everyone to meet in Manhattan.

    Also for drugstore purchases I generally shop during the week while I’m at lunch.

    So for me, I go shopping at Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn on the weekends. That is the extent of my Brooklyn shopping experience.


  • AEB

    Bart, BH for “contingency” items (it’s midnight, and I need Haagen-Dazs choc) or basic groceries, like cat food, paper towels, etc.

    Butcher-type stuff and best produce: Manhattan. Hardware, in BH.

    Clothes, except for Banana Repub stuff–need I say NOT BH?

    Dry cleaning, here, of course.

    Prescriptions are cheapest at one place on the Upper West Side (cross my palm with crystal meth, and I’ll tell you where).


  • PS 8 parent

    Promenade: We go to the children’s parade in Park Slope every Halloween. Great trick-or-treating there, too.

  • morris

    Judy and the Bha have done a great job on montague st. Huh?

  • morris

    this blog is not open… it is overly edited to express a specific point of view… I will no longer join in the conversation .. bye

  • In the Heights

    Montague Street is horrible! I blame the landlords for that. The BHA can’t make them lower their rents.

  • tb

    We try to do as little food shopping in BH as possible. A trip to Sam’s Club will save us hundreds. Milk at Sams: $1.89 Milk at Key Foods: $5

  • peppermint

    Please people. BH and the surrounding neighborhoods have so much to offer! Grocery stores: Trader Joe’s, Gristedes, Key Food, Farmer’s market. Clothes: Hello Cobble Hill, Atlantic Ave., and Montague St. has Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and that nice boutique store and if you want Old Navy or Marshalls or Target just take the train 2 stops to the mall! Hardware store on Court. Furniture: Dumbo West Elm anyone? How about the cute furniture shops on Atlantic? Also, has anyone heard of Ikea? It’s in Red Hook and you take a free 10 min bus ride to get there. Restaurants: Cobble Hill, Dumbo, Henry St.!. I could go on and on and on. There are numerous places to get your hair cut (BoyluvGirl) and the CVS is priced well for prescriptions. Seriously people, this neighborhood has everything so quit complaining. If you are still annoyed about how “expensive” everything is then go buy a mini van and live in Wisconsin.

  • HDEB

    Yes Morris, the blog is edited to protect the interests of the advertisers. The effectiveness of an ad (real-estate, restaurant, etc.) can be diminished if a comment on the same page conveys an opinion or observation that could be perceived as controversial or unsavory.

  • peppermint

    Oh! and who hasn’t been to the butcher on Clark St. Are you people insane? That place rocks!

  • lcd

    sahadi’s, green grocer next door???

  • Peter

    Did I just read that correctly? The advertisers are affecting what content is ultimately posted on this site? What a flagrant slap in the face of editorial ethics (yes this is a blog, but in the Web 2.0 world, blogs should be treated the same as large media sites). This blog just lost a lot of points with me, what a shame.

  • Homer Fink

    I wish I had a clue about what you’re talking about.

  • Homer Fink

    HDEB — this blog is not edited for advertisers. If you want that, read the Brooklyn Paper.

    Morris, nicky215, franklin, franlkin, as well as various versions of “anon” (not to be confused with the original anon) and the hundreds of other names this commenter uses is a troll. Please do not feed the trolls.

  • Senor Salsa

    Is anyone aware of a good Voice Teacher or Vocal Coach working out of Brooklyn Heights?
    Also looking for Guitar Teacher working out of Broolyn Heights.
    Appreciate any suggestions.

  • paul

    groceries – fairway. we cook 90% of our meals and both gristedes and key foods are terrible compared to fairway. fairway is a quick bike ride, run or bus ride away, and you get free delivery if you spend more than 200 bucks. if we don’t go to fairway, we go to sahadi’s + vegetable store next to sahadi’s, which has excellent produce and prices.

    butchers – we go to staubitz more often, but I like the clark st guy also.

    hardware store – Sid’s on jay st is awesome, my super hipped me to this place. far, far better and cheaper than the place on montague.

    liquor – I go to michael towne but heights chateau is also nice, just a lot further from me. I think heights chateau is slightly cheaper for common liquor.

  • HDEB

    Homer Fink – Who is the blog edited for?

  • Qfwfq

    HDEB, it’s not edited for anybody. What gave you the impression it was?

  • Truman

    Guitar Lesson: Try Jalopy Theater in Carroll Gardens West. Maybe they can recommend a voice coach.

  • anon

    Thanks for the shout out Homer! I’ve been recognized–you like me, you really like me!

  • Peter

    Sorry Homer, didn’t mean to fly off the handle, my apologies for biting on an apparent inaccurate post. My sincere apologies.

  • Claude Scales

    qfwfq and HDEB: One slight correction: I sometimes edit Homer for the typos that are courtesy of his iPhone.

  • nabeguy

    morris must be one fat-ass troll after all that he’s been fed.

  • BH Resident

    Not in BH, but in Prospect Heights. La VoceZenSing Studio is great for voice lessons. 718.395.7170

  • brookie

    Anyone have any thoughts on the loud screeching birds that seem to have invaded? I dont’ remember them in years past and damn they are driving me insane. The sound is like an angry screechy hawk..

  • Bob

    Here comes my favorite time of year: Ginko Tree Stinky Time. No matter what I always double check to see if I’ve stepped in dog poop or forgotten to shower.

  • sue

    those are bluejays. they are harbingers of fall in the heights. like stinkoberries.