Markowitz endorses Bloomberg for Mayor

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz endorsed Michael Bloomberg for Mayor this morning.  Just a few months ago at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, Marty was non-committal when asked about a possible third term for Bloomie.  However he was clear about running for mayor himself saying, “not this time”.

Get the full story on today’s endorsement at Cobble Hill Blog.

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  • nabeguy

    I ran into M&M in Henry’s End last winter and asked him “So, you gonna run?” His short answer was “it’s a tough call”. Apparently, it’s one he has chosen not to answer.

  • Adam G

    How in God’s name is he getting to stay a member of the Brooklyn Democratic party while endorsing a de facto Republican?

  • nabeguy

    Because he’s the head of the Marty Party, with a membership of one.

  • John Wentling

    Because Bloomberg is a RINO – it’s simply a matter of registration, nothing more.

  • Nelson

    Of course he endorses the Bloomberg..Our little potentate
    Birds of a feather!
    And what’s with the GD fireworks tonight! Come on with the noise! The dogs are cringing.

  • DAB

    Marty is under the misapprehension he’d be able to run in 4 years, and wouldn’t want to have to primary Mayor Bill Thompson, if he won. And, since Thompson isn’t going to win, and Bloomberg is increasingly revealing himself to be a petty, vindictive sort, Marty can at least stay in the good graces of the little fella.

    Bloomie’s campaign plan is to buy up all the tv airtime not previously purchased by Jon Corzine, and that way make sure his opponent never gets his message out? The one with the blackboard identifying himself as “Mayor Bloomberg” but the opponent as “Thompson” (not “Comptroller Thomson”) is really tacky stuff. To go along with the whole third-term nonsense.

    Why doesn’t he go back to Boston where he came from and run for Mayor there? Could spend a lot less than the $15,000 per hour Bloomberg’s currently spending.

  • Joe Nardiello

    How many of us like & appreciate the nonsense of cable-news shows reporting, that skews across Party lines instead of investigating?.. At what point, can people start thinking independently across Party lines, even locally. I’m all for washing-away the excuses of partisan behavior — where 8 year terms can’t find accomplishment, but finger-pointing that it was so-so’s fault that nothing was done.

    Here’s a BP that’s endorsed a Republican Mayor. Cynicism aside, it should be noted that Mayor Mike’s been a spectacular Mayor from 311 on through more modest housing units created than any Mayor since the 1950s. Or Mayor doesn’t simply focus on areas of NYC, or layers of NYC’s needs — because of political capital or merits (like politicians have). He’s energetic, concerned and works everyday. For $1. You know he’s beyond corruption — and that’s saying something with our self-centered NY politicians. He’s not 100% perfect, but show me the Mayor who has been in our lifetimes.

    Let’s give him and our BP some credit for their commitment.

  • Harry the Horse

    You’re kidding here, right Joe. I guess it depends on one’s definition of corruption,but in the name of getting himself reelected, Republican Bloomberg has acted exactly opposite of the mayor he was eight years ago. To wit: I loved him 8 years ago when he said no to new stadiums for the Yankees and Mets, spitting in Rudy’s face, because our city simply could not afford them. But now his petty ego has resulted in 2 new stadiums, and please don’t tell me, as Randy Levine insists, that $1.3 BILLION in tax exempt bonds is not a misuse of public funds, (perhaps $100 million a year in interest avoided) nor a hand out to the Yankees, a profit making enterprise who of course spent almost 1/2 billion $ this past year on two players. I also respected Bloomberg post-2001 for standing up to the unions, specifically cops and firemen, who while doing heroic and tough jobs for which they deserve to be well compensated, had to wait several years for their raises because Bloomberg was at the time a fiscally sound mayor. Look at the giveaways Bloomberg has given the unions lately however- the UFT contract? Putting aside whether the raises are deserved, the point is the reason they were given had nothing do with being deserved or not, it had all to do with Bloomberg getting the unions on his side for the elections. And the pension give always he had once railed against?? Puuleeze! And look where Bloomberg’s $ goes- yes, the arts, some worthy social agencies; but when it comes to politics, he has continually supported right wing (for NYC) republicans, including Maltese, etc., for the corrupt State Senate. And does anyone have trouble with the complete corruption of the system by buying off the spineless City Council and ignoring the People’s Will in dumping term limits. Yes, Old Mayor Mike could have been a great one- lots of good things to say about him after the divisive, hate filled Rudy years, but once again, hubris always brings down the ego driven.

  • Harry the Horse

    Not to mention the national embarrassment our city was subjected to thanks to Bloomberg’s Naziesque approach to demonstrators at the Republican Convention.

    And should we even start on His Eminence’s Ignoring the Will of the People over and over again with his pro-development (and pro-developers) stance which results in public giveaways at Atlantic Yards, and the embarrassing City Council approval of Dock St (obviously orchestrated by Bloomberg and his corrupt SCA)